All You Need To Know About OKEx Exchange!

OKEx is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. It is providing many financial services to traders by using blockchain technology. It believes that through this method it can remove barriers to transactions and can increase efficiency. It is available in over 100 countries but there are many regions where they do not offer the service. It is absolutely safe for a trader to trade through OKEx. They have a fully encrypted communication system, having a leveraged trading platform that helps in managing the risk. Several tools help to secure the users’ accounts. To reach a larger community around the world, they have translated the site in many different languages. There are various trading facilities which they offer which are discussed hereunder.

● Spot Trading- It is the actual buying and selling of the underlying security. It is the real market where we exchange commodities. It is one of the easiest ways for a beginner to understand. It is settled when the trade is done.

Margin Trading- In this form of trading one can borrow the assets and trade on the exchanges. Interest has to be paid on the amount borrowed for trading. However, it is a risky way of trading.

Perpetual Swaps- It is traded whether the asset position will rise or fall. It is traded based on this. As there is no expiry time, you can hold the position without any time limit and can withdraw the profits realized.

Dex Trading- It is a cryptocurrency exchange in which the users have more control over the assets and can manage it on their own. Users can build their decentralized exchange independently based on the OKEx chain.

Options- It is a derivative instrument that provides the holder with the right to buy the asset. However, it does not have any obligation to sell at a pre-determined date. There are 2 types of options. Buy and put options. You will have to maintain some margin money while selling the option. But there is no margin money required when you are buying the option.

Futures- These are virtual derivatives. These contracts can be bought and sold at a predetermined price on a fixed date. It is an obligation to buy and sell an asset in the future. Investors may open long to gain from the increase of the asset price or may open short to gain from the decline of the asset price.

C2C Loan- It is one of the easiest ways to lend and borrow loans with a proper interest rate for a specified time and with sufficient safety. For repayment of the loan, once the loan period expires, you have to repay the principal along with interest. If it is not paid on time, then you will have to pay a penalty.

Jumpstart- During OKEx token sale, there will be no first come first serve option. Allotment will be done on the basis of OKB holding amount and the period. OKEx jumpstart offers special privilege session for token sales. You need to have a complete KYC verification. The sale lasts for a particular duration. After the sale, the token is delivered to the funding account.

OKB- It is one of the fundamental infrastructures of the OKEx trading platform. It is a global utility token. All the holders can use the function on the OKEX platform. We generally have a win-win situation. It has a maximum supply of 300 million coins. A part of it is repurchased by the platform itself.


OKEx is a nice derivative platform. It is not only highly functional but also easy to use. It is well designed and the instruments are well illustrated. OKEx has a strong customer support function to help the traders. The fastest way to solve your query is through the live chat option. It has a customer support number which many exchanges don’t have. It has many educational resources on the website. It has got everything from simple trading ways to advanced trading methods. We hope that more traders can use this platform so that you can place large orders and in the areas of improvement we will try to improve it more. With its simplified trading interface, it is definitely worth a try.

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