BlockTalks x 2nd Duelist King AMA Transcript!

We recently hosted an AMA with Duelist King, on December 14th at 2 PM UTC. Many of you might have participated or many of not. But we make sure no one missed out from the knowledge shared by Alexandru Istrate, Tech Evangelist at Duelist King So here we are up with the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this blog post will be a saver & feeder of knowledge for them.

Introduction Questions Asked By Team BlockTalks!

Q1. Duelist King is about to launch its second cards sale. Please highlight the Duelist King’s first card sale Stats?

Ans — Our second card sale will take place tomorrow , December 15th 12 PM UTC ! With that being said, let me run you trough what we have realized in the first card sale !

We have sold 50,000 NFT boxes in under 40 minutes ! A outstanding success for our project . Each box contains 5 cards of random rairities

There is a catch in the upcoming card sale . We are selling only 20,000 boxes , so the community is up for a surprize regarding the speed of the event.

Q2. What are the most attractive points that the community cannot miss in this 2nd NFT sale?

Ans — The special feature of this card sale is that we will only sell 20,000 boxes which will include only NEW cards — which means they sell more than half of the previous sale. If you calculate how fast the last sale sold out which was within 45 minutes, then you can calculate the approximate time of this card sale.

Also this is the last card sale before our game launch , so now is the time to gear up and be ready for the battlefield !

Q3. The second card sale has a total of 20, 000 boxes; each box has 5 NFT Cards. Will this number of NFT Cards be enough to meet the needs of players?

Ans — A player will need a minimum of 22 cards to build his deck and play our premium version of the game . This means that the upcoming sale will have enough NFTs to supply our early adopters and make them ready for battles of Duelist King !

Questions Asked on Twitter For Duelist King Team!

Q1. OpenSea and Refinable only work on Ethereum / Polygon. How can I buy / sell the new NFT cards in the open markets? What markets do you recommend?

Ans —You are right about those 2 platforms . The first phase of cards is issued on Polygon and our collection is listed on both OpenSea and Refinable.

With that being said , I want to announce that with the upcoming card sale, we are officially expandng our horizon into Fantom Chain , as we are endorsed by Fantom Foundation .

The new cards are issued on Fantom’s blockchain network, so you can buy/sell them at Fantom’s two largest NFT exchanges, Paintswap and Artion.

Q2. Could you discuss more specifically the algoritm behind your NFT cards and the probability of a user to acquire the highest rarity NFT in the game? Does the game uses Oracles and specialized RNG or “Random Number Generator” to eliminate bias and promote fairness in the game?

Ans — The odds of unboxing a card of a certain rarity are made public in our whitepaper :

As you can see , there is a 0,05% chance of unboxing a Legendary card . Each unboxing is a random proccess on its own . You can get anything from 5 Commons to even 5 legendaries , as our algorithm allows every possibility .

Duelist King will ensure fairness in all aspects of the game and the ecosystem by utilizing the decentralized blockchain technology.

Decentralized mechanics utilized by Duelist King to ensure fairness include the concept of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and decentralized Random Number Generator (dRNG).

The two latter tools are built-in input mechanisms that power the distribution of cards in a fair and transparent way. Unlike the traditional distribution scheme of card games in lootboxes where the distributor has offered anything but transparency and fair supervision of distribution.

Duelist King uses an oracle to process external inputs from a decentralized RNG, essentially creating a manipulation-proof and 100% random process, allowing fair distribution of cards.

The DAO, as an open source, transparent and community-powered entity — will govern the whole ecosystem in a permissionless, incorruptible and community-driven approach.

Q3. DuelistKingNFT game has web version now, and using (BSC), what are your plans to optimize it? Do you have any new partnerships on the roadmap for this year?

Ans — Cross-chain is definitely a must for a global and community-oriented game and we are planning to do exactly that with our own platform. We planning on building a bridge with other chains including Cardano and Solana in the future . The same philosophy goes for our NFTs . We are honored to be endorsed Cardano, Fantom, Polygon and Cronos . Starting from tomorrow, when our second card sale takes place , we can proudly say that we have issued our NFTs on two of those networks : Polygon and Fantom . We will continue to expand our reach on the other networks , including BSC .

Q4. Many artists’ rights are abused and their copyrights are ignored. How do you protect the property rights of the artists in Duelist King and how do you guarantee the artists in this area?

Ans — Of course. Copyright infringement is a very painful problem in today’s technology age. That’s why blockchain technology and NFT were born, which will help your work be protected to the fullest extent. For example, with the application of NFT technology, you can register your artwork without fear of anyone being able to copy it.

For Duelist King, we also use NFT and blockchain technology to help protect our copyrights as well as those of our artists. This will help us eliminate unnecessary risks in cyberspace.

Q5. Duelist King is the next generation of NFT card games that combines the power of DAO and DeFi mechanics. So, explain the level of influence the community has on the development of the game? Will you offer promotions, airdrops, community plans to keep your community motivated?

Ans — Stakers of the DKT token will be able to vote through the DKDAO User Interface. Duelist King DAO voting mechanism is based on weighted voting — this means a user’s weight of his or her vote is affected by the amount of tokens staked and the time the tokens have been staked.

Here is how this process will look like :

An elector initiates a proposal through the DKDAO User Interface. Other electors then vote on the proposal. Each proposal will expire 7 days after initiation regardless of the number of votes.

An elector can vote in favour or against any proposal at his or her own discretion. The sum of FOR votes must be over 50% to activate proposal execution. A proposal will contain two parts — the first part in text and the second part will contain the data that will be executed if the proposal was accepted by the community.

With that being said , it is safe to say that the community is the real owner of the project , as there is no barrier in what they can change and what they can not .

We are constantly running promotions for our community . Let me get you through some of our latest activities :

- Community loyalty programme : Each month we organize a community leaderboard of our most loyal members . You can gain loyalty points by giving the correct answers to our daily quizzes that we run on our Telegram group , or simply by staying active in the chat . Top 10 members will always get rewarded !

- Game on Weekend with Duelist King : Every Saturday and Sunday we post a fun mini-game on our Telegram Group . You can play for 1 hour and then we will take a snapshot of the live leaderboard and the participants in the highest scores are rewarded in DKT !

I highly recommend to check out our social media and take part in our activities , as there is much more then that out there !

Questions Asked by our BlockTalks Community Members during live Session to Duelist King Team!!

Q1. What designs should we choose to collect a good deck in the game? How will we get the most valuable cards in card sales?

Ans — A good deck consists of a good variety of cards . We are allowing users to use the same design in one deck , but our game relies on countering the opponent’s deck and luck . So you need to avoid being totally countered by the other deck . The best start point to build your deck has to be by participating in our card sale that will happen tomorrow on our website !

Q2. what is the future progress that you want to achieve after the launch of this card?

Ans — After our upcoming card sale , our main focus will be on launching the actual game as fast as possible , and also on creating a engaging environment on our social media

Q3. What other ways can we make profit with our cards apart from listing and opening on Opensea and Refinable???

Ans — The cards are the centre of our Win2Earn ecosystem . Building your deck and joining the battlefield , you can win more cards and advance in our ranked system . This allows you to get cards of higher rarities . Beside selling cards on the open markets , you will be able to lend/borrow them , once our own marketplace goes live !

Q4. Are you going to develop Mobile Apps version for Duelist King Game? Is it on Android version? Thanks

Ans — Yes ! Duelist King will be available on both PC and mobile (Android and IOS ) . Our demo version that we shared with our strategic partners, already runs on both devices .

Q5. Upcoming card sales, what do you need to prepare? and whether the sale this time is infinite? or have a maximum number of allocations ?and how the distribution of the card?

Ans —To take part in the sale , you will need some funds on BSC , for example DKT , USDT , BNB , and also some FTM , as the cards are minted on Fantom Blockchain . Each mystery box costs 5 usd and contains 5 cards of random rarities . You can see it as 1 usd per card which is a very low entry point in a Play2Earn game .

Keep in mind that we are selling 20,000 boxes on a FCFS basis , so be quick about it !

And I think that’s all for today . Thank you for your great questions ! I really had a good time here :)

Here are some important links of Duelist King 👇🏻

⦿ Website ⦿ Twitter ⦿ Telegram ⦿ Medium



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