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We recently hosted an AMA with 3WM, on 6th June 1PM UTC. Many of you might have participated or many of not. But we make sure no one missed out from the knowledge shared by Nabil EI Aichaoui, COO at 3WM Group. So here we are up with AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this blog post will be saver & feeder of knowledge for them.

Introduction Question Asked By BlockTalks

Q1. Could you please introduce 3WM to our community in layman’s term?


First part is ECO TECH CENTER, witch is a development hub dedicated to ecological Technologies. THESE PHYSICAL AND BIG platform gathers on the same site innovative and efficient companies and projects, specialized in the protection of the environment and in renewable energies. We already set up the first one in FRANCE and we are planning to have a site in different region worldwide. Every ECOTECH CENTER will be the referral site for the activities of 3WM Ecosystem in its region.

The second part is, The 3WM Platform, it is a blockchain based application, it hosts multiple services:

Marketplace of 3WM, including its subsidiaries and partners products or services.
- Wallet integration.
- Exchange Ecoactions with 3WM Tokens
- Ecoactions proposal
- 3WM Label
- Donations on 3WM Tokens for NGOs

Q2. What are the advantages of 3WM to other alternatives in the market?

Ans — We think that 3WM is the first global ecological token. We didn’t identify a competitor that would be focusing on development of similar Blockchain based ecosystem which address few major issues for environment. 3WM project has already started. Several aspects distinguish from its competition.

-We have an innovative approach based on fact that we are targeting 3 major interdependent environmental problems at once instead of focusing on just one product.
- Our target is not to promote one single technology but a global vertuous circle.
- We rely on unique proprietary patented technologies and high quality products and services, tested, made in France, Germany and Switzerland
- We rely on strong patented partnered technologies
- We rely on strong respected and award-winning partners unified under one banner.

Q3. What are the major milestones 3WM achieved so far & what are in future pipeline?

Ans — The founders of the group worked on the projects for 10 years in order to bring solutions for environmental problems beginning by waste management and following by water treatment and sustainable mobility. We decided design a 3WM Concept in order to put all our knowledge and expertise together in a global Ecosystem including patented and innovative Eco technologies , cryptocurrency, Ecological hubs, Blockchain based Platform etc.

Currently we have :

A portfolio of patented technologies
- We acquire a big site in FRANCE for our first ECO TECH CENTER (50 000 m² including 12 000 m² building)
- The site already includes a multitude of technologies (plastic to fuel, water treatment..etc)
- We have a strong team of experts on different fields
- We already developed the Blockchain 3WM solution with smart contract.
- We are preparing the first version of the Blockchain
- We acquire or shareholding on strategic companies
- We get a number of partners

In the future we are planning to

Empower the 3WM concept
- Build other ECO TECH CENTERS in Asia, middle east, Africa and South America
- Bring more innovative technologies to our ECOTECH CENTERS and marketplace
- Bring more strategic partners.
- Make the 3WM TOKEN stronger and be the reference in the field of ecology
- Create virtuous circle of incentivise

Question Asked on Twitter For 3WM!

Q1. You say that your revolutionary blockchain technologies decontaminate nature, and boost the local economy. How does the blockchain contribute to a healthier environment? How effective has your business model been?

Ans — We are creating a virtuous cycle based on incentivization of people and all environment actors and use of innovative patented technologies to urgent environmental challenges:

  • Rewarding Ecological actions by 3WM TOKEN
    - Bring Innovative technologies to the Global market
    - We are also working on solutions to track waste.

Q2. As ambition is to revolutionize the way we manage waste and plastic, the way we treat water, the way we move, by creating the world’s largest network of bioenergy plants and the world’s first green intelligence network. What is your strategy to realize this ambition?

Ans — We have already built the foundations of our global network of ETCs (Eco TECH CENTERS) though all the work that we did during several years. We financed with own funds the development of our portfolio of innovative technologies and also by acquiring the first 3WM ECO TECH CENTER in EUROP.
We put already on the 3WM ECO TECH CENTER FRANCE different technologies:

First plastic to Fuel line
- Water treatment technologies
- Autarky energy

This first site is already running and will be completed by the end of the year.
We are planning to open the next site in another region of the world in 2021.
others will follow.

Q3. What are the ways that 3wmGroup generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model ? How can it make benefit win-win to both invester and your project ?

Ans — 3WM Group have multiple activities:

Sale and/or rent/ technologies / Services / Energy
- Managing 3WM Platform with a big market place “ The super market of Cleantech”
- We are building turnkey Waste To Bio-Energy Plants, we are transforming 100% of waste info energy and valuable materials, example: we are transforming non valuable plastic wate intoe fuel with a cost of 0,27 € .

- We are building an ECO tech centers network, Owning or participation with partners in Eco tech Center (ETC)
- We are getting Participation in strategic partner companies or having joint venture with them and getting passive income
- Selling Exclusivity of our portfolio for different countries Worldwide
3WM offers the possibility to privileged investors to integrate the 3WM group through its subsidiaries “the Holding countries companies in Switzerland”:

  • Investor and big influencers (families) in each country can have shareholding of these holding company

Q4. There have been lots of steps taken to Deal with Climate change,
What will be Unique in 3WM’s approach with BlockchainTechnology & Why to do Think that Tech/Non-Tech people will join this Platform?

Ans — I’m agree with you we saw a lot of tokens related to climate changes, I will not name them but as you know every one of these tokens have not gone beyond the project stage except one or two. the main problem was that these projects has not enough utility for the market, not enough users and supporters and finally not enough liquidity.

3WM brings together I the same ecosystem:

Efficient Solutions for big range of ecological problems => High number of users
- Physical hubs for the innovation => High number of supporters
- A reward for Ecological actions => High utility
- Product discount for products by using the 3WM Token => High liquidity

Q5. A huge number of experts say that after a certain number of years, the pollution of nature will reach a huge scale. In your opinion, which sector (water, air, etc..) is most vulnerable to the threat and why?

Ans — Sincerely I don’t think we can classify pollution problems

let just see numbers:
• 2.1 billion people do not have access to drinking water
• 8.3 billion tonnes of plastics produced worldwide each year and 91% of this plastic waste is not recycled!
• Air pollution kills an average of 8 million people a year

That’s why it was important for us to take the problem as a whole and in include all solution for an ecosystem dedicated to the environment with the first real Ecological token.

Question Asked by our BlockTalks Community Members during live Session for 3WM team.

Q1. With Your first ETC or eco-Tech Centersl is already set up at Mulhouse in Alsace, France.
I wonder, how many ETCs are you planning to Build?
And on what Continents?
Because I want to set up one.

Ans — We are planning to build with partners different ECO TECH CENTERS worldwide, in order to spread these concept we wok with partners in different region of the world to set up theses ecological hubs, we will work on two steps:

- First step: we are targeting 3 main market (Middle east, south asia and noth Africa) with 3 ECOTECH CENTERS.

- Second step: we will target Brazil , Africa and Russia

- The final step will be the other markets in order to achieve our goal to get 10 ECO TCH CENTERS in few years

We will not do it alone but with current and futur partners.

Q2. Humans are the cause of all the Pollution that occurs in this world. Unable to control it. Every country fails to control it so 3WM How did you going to control and create a awareness about it to peoples ?

Ans — We are doing a lot effort to educate and raise awareness, this can be done with different manners:

- The first one is incentivisation, this method that works very well, people are rewarded for a good action.
- Help stratups and innovation and make them bigger
- highlight the environmental issues and help resolve them
- dedicate a percentage of group income to help NGOs
- combine the strength of both community, crypto and ecological

Q3. What do you think about zero waste, is it possible ?

Ans — We think that zero waste is possible , he have to combine all your effort and also change behaviors to achieve that goal. There is several placed in the world that already got to this point.

Q4. Do you think 3WM will have the capacity to expand to other places in the world where technologies like this are urgently required? like india, bangladesh?

Ans — We choose to begin your first ECOTECH CENTER in FRANCE , Germany and Switzerland in where we have the highest environmental and health requirements. we have already some priorities in term of market , as you explained India , indonesia etc. but we are thinking global and we signing partnerships with different actors worldwide to solve problems.

Q5. Can You talk about the PoEA community Program?

Ans — The Proof of 3WM EcoAction is a community program rewarding ecological contributions, that will protect or enhance the natural environment resources and build the capacity of our community to sustain these activities into the future.
The program supports future projects that address a minimum one of the 3 pillars of Waste, Water and Mobility. Evidence demonstrates that community investment and commitment are key contributors to achieving sustainable long-term benefit for the entire ecosystem that we are building. The incentivization program allows to reward each contributors of the ecosystem who are
playing a key role to motivate ecological actions.

People Act for the environment : plastic waste collection, environmental actions
This EcoActions is reward with 3WM Token (people receive 3WM TOKEN on their wallet)
People buy or rent green products and services (3WM PLATEFORM) or earn money by exchange is in crypto platforms.

Q6. Before the Pre-sale of 3WM Token starts program, what was your strategy to attract investors to trust your project? What is the 3WM Token function in your ecosystem ?

Ans — Since 2010, founders and investors saw the potentiol of cirular economy and renewable energy (it’s also something that interests them personally). they have this vision that after decate people will be more focusing on environement, so the put money and effort on:
- R&D
- Patented technologies acquisition
- Shareholding in innovative and strategic companies
- Acquisition of the first ECO TECH CENTER and development to fit it to the 3WM concept and its criteria
and also make these technologies and business profitable and this is the key behind all that.
The 3WM token was fully integrated into the 3WM concept, it builds on the architecture and the global vision of the 3WM group to gain value.

Its main purpuse is to be used :
- on our market place and for ecotechnologies , you can have better prices with 3WM token
- To Reward ecological actions
- It will be Used for Eco donations dedicated to NGOs
so the token have a usage and in order to meke is stronger we have:
- Token buy-back policy
- We have a lot of partnerships and planning to have even more

Q7. Why did you decide to name your project 3WM? What does this mean to you?

Ans — 3WM is based on 3 pillars , W for WASTE, WATER and M for MOBILITY. 3WM is a global project fighting pollution of soil, water and air. Our goal is to contribute to fight the 3 main pollutions. 3WM : Water is Life | Waste to Energy | sustainable Mobility.

Here are some important links of 3WM👇



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