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We recently hosted an AMA with Amazy, on July 29th at 12 PM UTC. Many of you might have participated or many of not. But we make sure no one missed out from the knowledge shared by Stanislav, CPO at Amazy. So here we are up with the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this blog post will be a saver & feeder of knowledge for them.

Introduction Questions Asked By Team BlockTalks!

Q1. Could you please introduce
AMAZY to our community in layman’s terms?

Ans — AMAZY is a way of living, the concept of a healthy lifestyle and the study of modern technologies. No doubt, AMAZY means to be in trend, earn money + go in for sports = Move&Earn. You all know that there are fitness trackers (bracelets,
watches), so AMAZY is also this kind of tracker. AMAZY has over 350 stars on board + many of them are world celebrities (a vivid example is Brody Jenner — a TV star with over 2 millions Twitter followers).

AMAZY is a crypto fitness app with two main courses: to Move and to Earn. Equipping users with NFT sneakers, we unite the ideas of a healthy lifestyle and profiting simultaneously.

Q2. What are the advantages of AMAZY to the other alternatives in the Blockchain field?

Ans — We examined the already existing projects thoroughly when started working on AMAZY. There are many features that outstand us. These are our economy and math models, our promo strategy, unique design and much more.

I would also mark out that, unlike other products on the current market, AMAZY is blockchain-based, making it transparent and clear. In case crypto newbies want to participate but find it difficult to enter that sphere — we’ve launched the AMAZY Academy allowing everyone to join Web 3.0 world easily.

Q3. What are the major milestones AMAZY achieved so far & what are in the future pipeline?

Ans — The AMAZY app is already in the final stage of beta testing. We added 7,000 more users. The public launch will be announced very soon.

We’ve started a raffle for a new AMAZY Tesla Model 3 that each of you can win.
- Tesla Model 3 contest for locking AZY tokens for a certain time period:
We are already testing another new app that will use the AZY token and will enter the AMAZY ecosystem.

Questions Asked on Twitter for Amazy Team!!

Q1. In Amazy, There are four types of shoes 1. Ranger 2. Hiker 3. Coacher 4. Sprinter Among these sneakers, How will I understand that it is perfect for me? They are different from each other on the basis of price? Are their ranging of kilometres differ? How can I purchase one?

Ans — We described each sneakers type in the WhitePaper.
You can examine it right away:
Each of them has its benefits, this is all individual. And what I suggest is to consider obtaining several pairs.

Q2. The integration of your project with real life is awesome. But investors have doubts about the future of AMT. If investors constantly sell the AMT they earn, the return of the project may decrease. Do you have any precautions for this?

Ans — We have a different strategy from other projects. A large number of influencers on board have been disclosed one by one. When influencers share the information about AMAZY with millions of followers, the audience might join AMAZY, and this will cause the token price to increase. That is why we announce every blogger gradually.

Also, there’s a limited number of participation entries that will help to control inflation. So right now, there are 15K sneaker boxes produced. After the app’s launch, a limited amount of users will be onboarded each week through the activation codes. So AMAZY plans to control the number of users as well.

Q3. StepN has quickly established itself as one of the most popular Move to Earn project. So, why do you believe we should choose Amazy over STepN?

Ans — Often, the second or third companies become more successful than the first one, as they learn from the mistakes of their colleagues.

The project’s mathematics was not built initially. The mint mechanic appeared after the launch of a large number of users. Late start of anti-cheat system. The restraining mechanics of activation codes turned out to be not working. Very large user growth. As a result, they allowed listing on coinbase, pump gst — pump all assets. And this great acceleration of the token could not be contained.

Well, and the main problem: everything that is sold on their marketplace is an internal story, since it was not made on the blockchain. As a result, mint cannot be tracked.
We’re looking at StepN’s experience. This also affects the timing of the release of the project, as changes are being made. It is necessary to restrain the growth of users. We need an adequate payback model. The average payback, for example, will equal about 90 days.

Q4. What exactly are the functions of $AZY and $AMT tokens? Wouldn’t the fact that $AMT is unlimited create inflation pressure, how will you prevent this?

Ans — AMT (AMAZY Movement Token) is a utility token, the amount of which is unlimited. You can get it for walking and jogging.
AZY (AMAZY Token) is a governance token.
In principle, the in-game token does not need an exchange. AMT token will not be on the exchange for the first 3 months or more, we have no such goal.
It will be listed on DEX to prevent spikes in growth. Then we plan to create our own DEX exchanger inside the app.
AMT token will remain an in-game token.
The AZY token will go to the AMAZY project ecosystem.

We have already announced listings on ByBit, OKX, PancakeSwap,, MEXC Global.
Here are the links:
MEXC Global:

Now $AZY is trading x15 from the price of the public round. ATH ((all-time high) was x30.
Among other things, we sold NFT boxes with AMAZY sneakers and raised more than $1,400,000

We’ve started a raffle for a new AMAZY Tesla Model 3 that each of you can win, have a look:

Q5. Why Amazy haven’t raised any funds from any VCs? Is there any different approach is being used by Amazy to sustain for long run?

Ans — AMAZY withdrew from funds at an early stage. Since the funds give money, and then they have the task of multiplying them any way.

In the case of AMAZY, the entire project was done with the help of the founders. The influencers have invested the same money, but in addition to money, there’s a huge amount of traffic and interest in the project. Bloggers do not have the task to earn faster, they have the task to make their audience earn, because their reputation is at stake. They have the task to make their audience earn. So everyone came to this project for a long time.

Questions Asked by our BlockTalks Community Members during live Session to Amazy Team!!

Q1. Is your project a community only for English speaking countries or for users not of other languages?

Ans — We have many partners and communities all around the world. Here are AMAZY international Telegram chats:
🇷🇺 Russia —
🇹🇷 Turkey —
🇵🇭 Philippines —
🇮🇩 Indonesia —
🇻🇳 Vietnam —
🇯🇵 Japan —
🇰🇷 Republic of Korea —
🇨🇳 China —
🇹🇭 Thailand —
🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia —
🇮🇷 Iran —
🇮🇳 India —
🇦🇫🇹🇯 Dari —
🇮🇱 Israel —

Q2. Is KYC verification required to purchase NFT? Are my NFTs safe from cyber attacks? Can you tell us about Amazy’s current cyber security measures?

Ans — You do not need to pass through KYC. The team developed a security system. We cannot disclose exactly which system we use, as this information is confidential. But we will definitely make every effort for your safety! There’s a huge team on the project and there are specialists working on keeping the project secure.

Q3. How does the game helps to suppress cheating?

Ans — AMAZY will use an anti-cheat system. We give detailed information about the operation of the anti-cheat system in our Whitepaper. Please have a look:

Q4. Looking at a very volatile market, for example Bitcoin is worth $24,000-+ now, if Bitcoin now drops below 15,000, will the project work, will it be profitable? For example — Axie Infinity. When Bitcoin fell, Axie Infinity gained an audience and became independent of the market.

Ans — We have no connection with Bitcoin. Any market growth can trigger the growth of the token and the project. When there is a project that goes against the market, it often attracts the main attention.

An example of this — Axie Infinity. When there was a market dump and Bitcoin went down, Axie Infinity gained an audience and became market independent. They got users interested, made a blockchain and grew up against the market all summer. When the market went green, Axie burst upward and showed an incredible amount of capitalization.

Q5. On your Twitter I found you are having 185,000+ followers however no exchanges has listed $AZY token yet. Do you have any plans for being listen on centralized exchanges? If so, Can you share the exchange where you are planning to get $AZY Listed?

Ans — We have already announced listings on ByBit, OKX, PancakeSwap,, MEXC Global.

Here are the links:




MEXC Global:

Look closely, our tweeter has already subscribed many exchange accounts.

Q6. You have one of the Most Influencing Celebrities on Your Platform, how these Celebrities help Project to Attract mass userbase?

Ans — Influencers help to attract new users to the application. They are part of our project. Many of them can be found on our website

Q7. You have mentioned that you are creating two new products and one of them is an addition to the M2E theme, could you tell us a little about this new product? What value will it bring to the M2E system? How will it benefit the users?

Ans — I can not reveal all the details of the new app. It will use project tokens. You will love it very much. The announcement will be very soon, sign up for our social media.

Q8. If I want to join the Amazy app, not as someone who wants to get fit, but professionally, as a trainer or personal trainer, is it possible? Where and how do I do this? How will this process be?

Ans — I think that all sports fans will just walk or fast walk, and professionals will run. We have already developed 4 tipe sneakers, which are designed for different speed running. You can read them in whitepaper

Q9. I Got news From Somewhere that AMAZY Is giving Users TESLA CAR and Free $AMAZY Token. Is this A True news , If yes please Tell me More Information about it and How I Can Enter into this Competition and win?

Ans — Here’s our official information for the raffle.

We open staking (freezing) opportunity of $AZY tokens, for which you get in-game $AMT tokens

What is staking?

It is the ability not only to store $AZY project tokens, but to receive additional bonuses from their storage.

🪙 BONUS 1 — receiving $AMT tokens.

1. This is an in-game token, which you can exchange/sell $AMT on the exchange at an exchange rate (the rate will be known after the listing of this token by the end of July).

2. After launching the app you will be able to use $AMT inside the app, for example, to mint new sneakers

3. In the future, $AMT will be used in other apps on the AMAZY platform to purchase or improve in-game assets

How much $AMT will you receive and when?

You get tokens daily for 2 months in equal instalments starting August 10.

The longer the freeze period you choose, the more $AMT tokens you get:

- 3 months: 1 $AMT for every 10 $AZY;

- 6 months: 4 $AZY — 1 $AMT;

- 12 months: 2 $AZY — 1 $AMT;

- 24 months: 1 $AZY — 1 $AMT.

🚀 How to stake?

For staking, you need to have $AZY tokens in your wallet and go to:, there is all the information

❗️Full instructions on how to participate:

- Freeze is currently available from 1.111 $AZY for 3 / 6 / 12 / 24 months

🚙 BONUS 2 — If you freeze 1.111 $AZY or more, you get a chance to win a TESLA MODEL 3. More information about the raffle will be in the next post

Once again, link to the site:

Q10. One of your tokens namely $AMT has unlimited supply however I saw many of the unlimited supply tokens dump hard. So, Can you share your views on it? What utilities will you have to protect the $AMT token from dump? Also Please share the tokenomics?

Ans — We have an extremely different strategy from all other projects. The large number of influencers on board have been disclosed one by one. We work with the influencer’s audience. So, if AMAZY sees some changes they don’t like on the market, they will disclose more and more. This will influence the token price. So, if an influencer shares AMAZY with many millions, the audience will join AMAZY and this will cause the price to go up. That is why we announce every blogger gradually.

Also there’s a limited number of participation entries will help to control inflation. So right now, there are 14–15k sneaker boxes (common or uncommon) (and hence entries) for the launch. After first launch only a few 100s will be onboarded each week through the activation codes. So AMAZY plans to control the number of users as well.

Here are some important links of Amazy👇🏻

● Twitter:

● Website:

● Discord:

● Telegram Chat:

● Telegram:



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