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We recently hosted an AMA with Bemil, on November 1st at 10 AM UTC. Many of you might have participated or many of not. But we make sure no one missed out from the knowledge shared by Mr An Ly, CMO at Bemil So here we are up with the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this blog post will be a saver & feeder of knowledge for them.

Introduction Questions Asked By Team BlockTalks!

Q1. First of all, Could you please have a brief introduction about yourself and share with us the general introduction of Bemil to our community as well?

Ans — Thanks you admin, My name is An Ly, I’m the CMO from BEMIL Coin.

Bemil is an entertaining game with galaxy theme and Play to Earn feature, in which players can engage in battles, build clans, play minigames and other features.

Developed by BEMIL MT INTERNATIONAL DOO, the game has been under amazing growth since it was first officially released at the end of July, 2021, with over 15,000 active users by August 31th and robust growth rate of 5,7% per day.

So the game is actually live right now, if you have an Android phone, you can download and play the game right away.

Q2. NFT in general has been blooming for a while now, how do you see its potential in the future? How Bemil can be a visible part of that landscape?

Ans — Yes, it’s very noticeable of how many NFT games been out there recently.

There are many types of Play 2 Earn games on the market today. Each type has its own strengths. With BEMIL, we focus on the gamers by building and updating attractive game play to bring the best gaming experience to the players.

Coming from game makers, we are very focused on game content and the entertainment that our games bring. Furthermore, players are rewarded from this entertainment.

In additions, most BEMIL players are non-crypto traders, so they focus more on the game play, and tend to invest in our gaming longer. So this separated us from other NFT game out there.

The number of crypto players are limited, whereas traditional game players are many, so we constantly get new players to join the game.

Q3. Can you share with us, how can we earn through BEMIL?

Ans —Sure, Bemil is a game with a Play-to-Earn feature, in which players need to decrypt the code, each code string consists of 5 characters, the other players will decode the same sequence at the same time, the fastest one will win and get Becoin.

The decode speed is based on these factors:

- The damage your system received

- The level of the core, to upgrade to higher core level, player need to upgrade the islands.

- The number of gears the player has installed on their system.

Each gear has their own skill. For example, the Fire Gear has the ability to double the mining speed. However, for these abilities to be activated, a player needs to have gears of 5 different colors.

To improve these factors, players need to participate in different game modes. Of course, the more Becoin you can mine in the game, the more money you can make.

Q4. Is there any free-to-play feature through which we can earn without investment.

Ans — Sure there are

The initial investment is low at the moment, with the cost around 65 usdt, depending on the prices of Becoin on the market.

Apart from that, we do have a free to play feature which players can actually earn without any investment.

We have Scholarship program and Assistant mode for those who don’t want to invest but still would like to earn by playing the game.

Q5. Can you explain a bit more about Scholarship program and Assistant model?

Ans – The scholarship program allows players to have access to a fully premium game account, which is the same as a paid account.

In order to receive this premium account, that player must agree and complete our requirements for them, usually it would involve, training and inviting new players to the game.

Assistant mode allows players to participate in the game as an assistant for a main player (called Investor), the assistant will not have to pay any fees, but will also be paid according to the agreement between the assistants and investors.

However, with this mode, assistants don’t earn as much as fully paid or scholarship players.

So there are plenty of choices for players to get involve with BEMIL

Questions Asked on Twitter For Bemil Team!

Q1. Noted during research thay At BEMIL, player can earn BEMIL token. However, when too many tokens are generated, the value of your tokens could decrease and then inflation occurs. How does BEMIL work to avoid inflation in the game to maintain a relatively stable economy?

Ans — We did think about this

Becoin is an inflation token but has a limit on the total supply, quite special compared to other projects.

However, they also have a built-in anti-inflation mechanism for Becoin that is for every 10 billion Becoins mined, then the token mining process will be more than twice as difficult.

Q2. Something that caught my attention when I researched your game, is that you developed a referral system to generate extra income. So, how does this referral system work? How can users participate and benefit from each referral? What percentage do users get for referrals?

Ans — The referrer gets 10% of the value when the referee makes an item purchase and gets 5% of the mining value the referee makes every day.

The Referee will be guided by the Referrer on how to play and to optimize the Becoin mining system as much as possible, assisting whenever a player needs help or encounters an error.

If not satisfied, player can change Referrer (Agency’s Leader).

Q3. I could see that you have several regulations in your community groups, like users cannot use other languages ​​except English, so will you expand the borders of the language in the future and create groups of ambassadors for other communities of other languages?

Ans — We now have country-specific communities that Bemil is rolling out.

In these communities, we have dedicated support team and local leaders who can talk to and support new players as well as act as a bridge to other communities and the Bemil support team.

Q4. Bemil has a scholarship program for those who do not want to invest or do not have the money but what are the requirements to enter this program? Is this program focused on players without money or does it also accept investors who want to get returns through scholarship support?

Ans — Scholarship Program is open to all leaders who can commit to fulfilling the requirements of Bemil, after receive the Scholarship, you must:

✅ Invite at least 30 people install game monthly

✅ Invite at least 5 people buy Starter Kits monthly (at least 2 before you make your own withdrawal).

✅ Completed 7 days trail

✅ Join this group:

Q5. Currently, Game developers can manipulate game, which prevents players from feeling really owners of their elements. Since many video games do not allow the exchange of items, shady markets are created with high fees. How does “BEMIL” eradicate gloomy markets?

Ans —Bemil works hard to monitor and implement changes requested by the community to enhance the gaming experience. is Bemil’s e-wallet where players can buy and sell Gears, NFTs and Becoins through a fully transparent P2P marketplace.

Perform all operations related to deposits and withdrawals at very low costs. Bemil team always try their best to ensure Bewallet stable and error free.

Questions Asked by our BlockTalks Community Members during live Session to Bemil Team!!

Q1. About NFTs, you mention that there will be two types: NFT heroes and NFT weapons. Can you tell us what will be the functions and importance that these will have in the game? How could we get them? Will these NFTs be characterized by their rarity or value? About $BEM IDO, you mention that it will take place in GameFi and DAO Maker. Could you give us more information on when you will be making this sale? Why have you chosen these two platforms to sell your token? What will be the requirements to participate?

Ans — 1. We plan to upgrade the Tower Defense mode. In this mode you need to have Heroes and Weapons to be able to defend from the enemy. Details on how to get and the value of each item we have not announced, you need to follow Bemil’s official channels to get information.

2. Tomorrow we will announce the exact time for IDO on these 2 platforms. We chose these 2 platforms because they are very strong and have great reputation in the crypto community, more over, they have the expertise that we believe will be benefit us the most.

Q2. HOW IS BEWALLET USED EFFECTIVELY WHEN PLAYING BEMIL? I mean, what kind of tools and opportunities do you offer players when using it and why is it so important to use BeWallet?

Ans — is Bemil’s e-wallet where players can buy and sell Gears, NFTs and Becoins through a fully transparent P2P marketplace. Perform all operations related to deposits and withdrawals at very low costs. Bemil team always try their best to ensure Bewallet stable and error free

Q3. Can you tell us about the Bemil Coins plans to attract the non-crypto people? By which killer features do Bemil aim to get the attention of non-crypto investors? Is this a long term or short term target for Bemil?

Ans — Our background are MMO company, so we are have deep knowlege in marketing, specially traditional market. So we partner up with many conventional Influencers.

We have a networks of traditional KOLs with over 100M followers

Moreover, there is a very low barrier of entry.

To play the game, you just need to spend an initial investment of 65 usdt.

We also have an academy where we train leaders from the game to train in-comming players. this is a very unique traits of our players.

Q4. The Bemil’s ecosystem has permanent income Becoin Identifiers Function (SSI) technology, many of us may not be familiar with this feature, could you explain what it is about and what are the ways to generate passive income with your application?

Ans — Once the coin you mined is listed on the exchange, you will be the first to be identified the coin, and since then when the coin is traded, you will receive 1% of the fee for each transaction.

In addition to creating a coin and putting it on the Trading market, if you are fast and lucky that 1 of the first 20 people buy a newly issued coin, you will also be identified on the coin and enjoy 1% of the fee of each transaction.

So there are 2 ways to earn money and get the extra money forever:

1. You are the one who mined the coin first.

2. You are 1 of the first 20 people to trade the new coin.

Q5. Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or does it only limited for professional users ?

Ans — Earning in the game is important, but having fun while earning is also important. So we do focus alot of the entertaining aspects of the game.

Since the game is suitable for everyone, even non-crypto and crypto alike. A biggest traits of our game is players always ready to help new players.

So we are confident that there won’t be much difference between crypto beginners and crypto experts

Here are some important links of Bemil 👇🏻

⦿ Website ⦿ Twitter ⦿ Telegram ⦿ Facebook



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