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We recently hosted an AMA with Chain of Alliance, on March 9th at 1PM UTC. Many of you might have participated or many of not. But we make sure no one missed out from the knowledge shared by Matej, Marketing Manager & Robert, Game Producer at COA. So here we are up with the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this blog post will be a saver & feeder of knowledge for them.

Introduction Questions Asked By Team BlockTalks!

Q1. Could you briefly introduce yourself and Chain Of Alliance? How did your team come up with the idea of this game?

Ans —

Robert ~ I am Robert. I have been working in the traditional Games Industry as a Producer and Product Manager for more than a decade and started working on blockchain games almost two years ago. My primary experience comes from developing, designing and managing free 2 play games for PC, browser and mobile.

Matej ~ My name is Matej Lancaric. Let me just briefly introduce myself, I have been in the games industry for nine years. I am a true mobile marketing enthusiast. I develop multi-channel acquisition strategies and marketing campaigns that are designed to drive the overall growth for our partners. I have been helping several talented developers across the globe with multi-channel user acquisition strategies, soft launch and global launch planning and general marketing/business advisory for more than five years. In my career I was able to global launch 28 games while spending ~25 Million EUR profitably. Joined the crew as a Marketing manager.

Chain of Alliance is a fully on-chain role-playing and strategy game in a fantasy/science fiction scenario with NFTs, where players with their party of adventurers can combat other players’ party or AI-controlled monsters for loot and experience points to enhance and develop their very own individual heroes. The core of this game is on developing, customizing, enhancing, and owning your own characters, from multiple species, classes, and loot.

As per the idea of this game. It started with us seeing the start of the blockchain gaming trend in early 2021 and the, at the moment, hype for autochess games. We started brainstorming how the whole game logic can be realized in a smart contract and found the Chromia project, which enables us to do just that. It became apparent that this is not only possible, but enables for a much more trusted and decentralized approach to gaming. While we prototyped the game, we started building tools used not only by us, but several Chromia projects. These include the Unity SDK and the Chromia Originals NFT protocol. Soon after we started working on the project full time, began assembling a team around us that has tens of years of game design experience and are now building a more interactive and strategic game with this approach.

We aim to be the leader in fully on-chain blockchain games and to make it easier for developers to build their own games with our engines.

Q2. Please share with us some core features of Chain of Alliance gameplay!

Ans — In Chain of Alliance we emphasize three Game Roles, Adventurers, LANDlords and Creators.

Adventurers focus on the core game revolving around characters, battles and exploring the realms of Chain of Alliance.

Characters are created by using fragments (head, torso, arms, legs) with unique attributes. Furthermore a character’s stats are specified by the species of the character, the class assigned to the character and the equipment used.

By playing the game, adventurers aim at unlocking and crafting character fragments, equipment and consumables. They also gain experience points which are used to level up characters, ultimately improving the player’s party.

LANDlords are LAND Owners that purchased LAND during LAND sales. At launch of the game LANDlords will be able to create Arenas that allow players to participate in PVP Matches for Experience Points and Rewards. LAND Management will be an important part of the LANDlords experience. The better managed LAND is, the more interesting a LANDlords Arena is for players to use. We want to add more use-cases for LAND at a later stage of development fully utilizing the On-Chain RPG Multiverse that our game can offer.

The third Game Role is Creators. As a long term vision for Chain of Alliance we want to allow players to create their campaigns and stories within Chain of Alliance. These campaigns/stories can then be played by everyone. For that they will be able to use our API and other players staked and offered Characters and LAND.

Q3. Could you explain a bit more on how players could earn in the game?

Ans — Our play2earn features focus on the 3 core pillars, represented by the Game Roles mentioned before, we want to establish in the game:

  • rewards for participation in competitions and tournaments for players who focus on the character and battle based core game-
  • land based economics where players can earn income by setting up different kinds of facilities for players to use (first and foremost arenas)
  • creator income by players, that at a later stage of development use the game api to create their own content, especially campaigns that other players can participate in.

Questions Asked on Twitter for Chain of Alliance Team!!

Q1. I understand that you work with the Chromia network but why did you decide to use this specific network? What advantages does this network offer that others do not? Do you plan in the future to add other networks to your game such as BSC or Solana that may have large communities?

Ans — The project is built on the Chromia blockchain because the underlying Chromia Originals NFT protocol allows us to migrate our NFTs to and from other evm based blockchains (like BSC or ETH) and keep the metadata on Chromia. But we also have a multi–chain strategy to support other blockchains as we distribute the game to more players.

Q2. By participating in the Chain Of Alliance Testnet users have the opportunity to receive a limited edition NFT ‘Alliance Badge’. Could you tell us what would be the main benefits of having one of these Alliance Badges within your ecosystem?

Ans — The ‘Badge of Alliance’ NFT airdrop event will take place in mid-April. This NFT will grant several benefits, including advantages in land sales, participation in NFT airdrops, and early access to future testing rounds and releases. We will have more specific information about those benefits in the following weeks.

Q3. How will we leverage NFTs in Chain of Alliance? What is your most important difference from other role-playing and strategy games? Will players be able to evolve their individual heroes when they fight AI-controlled monsters? What is the main theme of the game?

Ans — In the current market there is no product with a design approach as CoA utilizing Players, LAND owners and creators within a RPG Multiverse. Thanks to the fact that interoperability is part of the games core functionality we will early on look for partnerships and collaborations with other projects bringing real value and use cases to the idea of openness within blockchain games. We are already in discussions with other projects in that regard…

Q4. In its first iteration,Chain of Alliance was a standalone game for PC and Mac. It has since migrated to a mobile and web-based game to reach a larger audience, this started a total rebranding. How was the graphics migration process?What challenges did you face during the process?

Ans — We are still in the middle of that process. Currently we are reworking our Art Direction for the game in order to fit the new platforms and be competitive. We will have an update on our new Style rather soon so please stay in touch with us.

Q5. Chain of Alliance integrates all the popular GameFi and DeFi components, so how dynamic and engaging will the PvE and PvP game modes be? Are they available to even out the dynamics of competition and boost gaming and economic interaction between players?

Ans — We believe that all of our Game Roles have to be intertwined in our gameplay and game economy to create a fun experience for all of our players. Whether it is PVE, PVP, LAND management or the creation or Campaigns and Stories it is only when all those components work well together and enhance each other that we can really realize our vision for the game. The economic interactions between players and game roles will be based on the value a player creates within our metaverse. Therefore it is important to us to understand what actually creates value in the game and to make sure that the mechanics of Chain of Alliance reflect that.

Questions Asked by our BlockTalks Community Members during live Session to Chain of Alliance Team!!

Q1. Recently, You have Launched the TESTNET, Can I get the Sneak peek of the POC TESTNET GAMEPLAY and If I Wants to Join the TESTNET Than What is the Complete Process of it ?

Ans — Our current testnet is meant to help us to introduce our community to our initial vision for the core game and to start collecting feedback and requests early on while working on a major updated game for the MVP release later this year. In order to participate in the current testnet you have to get whitelisted which is explained on our medium post

Signup now and participate:

Q2. Is chain of Alliance game out already? Am curious to know and I can’t wait to play the game?

Ans — We have not launched the token yet but will have news about that soon. So stay in touch with us by following our social media channels:




Q3. How many testnet players do you have currently?? Would you be taking more testnet prayers please? And how can I apply for this in order to be a part of the improvement?

Ans — We have whitelisted 700 players to this point and will be whitelisting more in the near future.. Signup here:

Q4. Does CoA have relationships with other metaverses in the Chromia Ecosystem or is it possible to expect more relationships? Is there a MetaVerse project that CoA is in contact with, how can inter-ecosystem relations add value to CoA?

Ans — Yes, as Robert mentioned we are working on a RPG multiverse and have in mind our Chromia projects. Stay tuned for more info, but so far I can share this:

My Neighbor Alice

Cross-game NFT use cases

Mines of Dalarnia

Cross-game NFT use cases

Q5. I read on the web that Chain of Alliance is a full chain strategy RPG in a fantasy/sci-fi setting with NFT. So will blockchain integration give players trust in the game to make progress?

Ans — Yes we think so. Furthermore whenever players trade their character NFTs those are traded with the individual progress of that Character.

Q6. I can see that Chain of Alliance does not have a Telegram-based community group not like the rest of crypto-related projects. Why does your project does not have a TG group? Do you plan to establish one in the future?

Ans — We are in discussions about a Chain of Alliance telegram group. With the current status of our testnet we focused very much on staying in touch with our community on Discord.

Q7. Safety Is First priority For the Users and Investors , So Do You have Planned Anything About Secuirty and Have You Verified any AUDITS PROGRAM, Kindly Talk about it ?

Ans — Currently we did internal audits as we are on testnet but of course we will have external audits once we prepare the mainnet launch as we agree that security is extremly important for the users, investors and us.

Q8. Can you tell us about tokennomics from Chain Of Alliance like total supply, initial circulating supply, initial market cap & initial vesting? also What is the use case for your token ? and Do you have the same mechanism as the DeFi component for staking, burning and earning ?

Ans — There is a fixed supply of COA tokens: the total supply is 2,000,000,000 COA.

20% of the token will be used for private sale. There are two rounds of the sale.

7% of the token will be used for liquidity support after listing.

20% of the token will be used for various ecosystem-building initiatives, incentive programs, and game development.

20% of the token will be used to incentivize those players who earn tokens by participating in competitions and other activities in the game. This design is to encourage user participation in the game and to maintain traction.

15% of the token is allocated to founding and non-founding members for long-term incentive.

3% of the token will be used to onboarding valuable advisors to the project.

5% of the token will be used for community and marketing.

10% of the token will be reserved for the foundation.

Here are some important links of Chain of Alliance👇🏻

⦿ Website ⦿ Twitter ⦿ Discord ⦿ Medium



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