BlockTalks x CowBoy Snake AMA Transcript!

We recently hosted an AMA with Cowboy Snake, on December 20th at 2 PM UTC. Many of you might have participated or many of not. But we make sure no one missed out from the knowledge shared by Mr Unio, CCO at Cowboy Snake So here we are up with the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this blog post will be a saver & feeder of knowledge for them.

Introduction Questions Asked By Team BlockTalks!

Q1. Could you please introduce CowboySnake to our community in layman’s term?

Ans — Inspired by the monument of all time — The Snake game, CowboySnake creates a playground where players will control their snake to collect food and fight other snakes. The players only need to control their snake with a pointer and click each time they want to speed up, similar to That simple gameplay allows everyone to join.

Still, despite the similarities to its predecessors, Cowboy Snake offers a much wider range of activities as well as complexity. Not just eating and fighting, from the simple gameplay, Cowboy Snake also developed a ranking system, game modes, tournaments, missions, and treasure hunting. The inner game is also not that simple, Play to Earn is the key attractive of the game. Players are competing to collect Snake Rinium ($RIM), a type of Snake Gem and NFT item. The NFT items that players hunt are fully owned by them. This is considered a reward for your contribution to the ecosystem.

Q2. What are the advantages of CowboySnake to the other alternatives in the Blockchain field?

Ans —Many game projects are facing the loss of players right after the game is released. This is partly because the attractiveness of the game decays, becoming not enough to keep players and investors to stay longer with the projects. Do you agree with me @Comrade02 ?

Understanding this, CowboySnake always strives to refresh itself and give users the best experience like the first day. Combined with the easy-to-play and easy-to-make-money gameplay, CowboySnake is expected to reach as many customers as possible. In addition, with a team of experienced developers, consisting of people with many years working in the gaming industry, we know what the market needs and provide them with the best product integrated with the high blockchain industry. When playing CowboySnake, players will find it both new and familiar, so it will not take time to get used to and start making money.

That is the competitive advantage of CowboySnake.

Q3. What are the major milestones CowboySnake achieved so far & what are in the future pipeline?

Ans — Our team is a collection of close friends and have invested together for more than 6 years in the Crypto market. After more than 6 years of working and having the opportunity to learn in this environment, we realize that GameFi is an area that will explode in the near future, but there are still too many problems to be solved. This is also understandable for a primitive market, our team got together to build CowboySnake with the desire to contribute to solving the problem of global unemployment due to the COVID pandemic, creating a Working environment — Entertainment and making money go hand in hand

In addition, our wish is through Cowboysnake to access and transmit the Blockchain knowledge from GameNFT to the global community.

To do that, we built a clear roadmap from the beginning to match the technology trend.

In 2021 we focused on building the platform, going public, and training public awareness about Cowboy Snake. Our achievements this year include nearly 100K followers on Twitter and partnered with sooo many organizations such as Onebit Ventures, BSCStation, AVStar Capital and OnBlock Ventures.

In 2022, we will launch the official Game and start implementing continuous tournaments, creating a healthy entertainment environment for the global gaming community to interact and show off their talents, the game ecosystem will include:

- PvE Challenge Room

- PvP mortal combat room

- TvT Tournament (Team vs Team)

The next years we will focus on these:

2023: Launch of Detective League: players will join the hunt for items and treasures on the actual map

2024–2025: Launching AR terrain combat and locating nearby opponents

2026: Launching the Hunger Games in space with VR technology, players will immerse themselves in virtual reality to control their snakes to fight other snakes.

With a strong and experienced team, we are confident that we can achieve even more.

Questions Asked on Twitter For CowBoy Snake Team!

Q1. I read that in the next quarter they will launch the official game, but that same launch time will they do it for both desktop computers and mobile devices?

Ans — Great question. Actually, 90 days after the launch of the desktop version, mobile versions will be launched.

Q2. In 2022 it will be the Official Launch of the Cowboy Snake game to the community, good luck But how will players from different parts of the world have access to all the maps and content in the game seamlessly? Will they be able to play directly in the browser (PC or mobile)?

Ans — Simple, the only requirement for you to access anywhere in the world is to have INTERNET CONNECTION and A DEVICE. You can download it through both the AppStore and CH Play of course.

Q3. I understand that in your MarketPlace there are 4 types of snakes for users, but can you explain to me how these types of snakes really differ? Do they influence gameplay or rewards? Or the only thing that changes is the color and decoration? Do they all cost the same?

Ans — To increase complexity, each Snake with have health as well as different power stats. Health is measured in hours, so if you left your snake starved (Not playing and eating food), it will be frozen and unplayable. It will need to be unfroze to be playable again (By spending some tokens).

I think this picture will explain better

Q4. I understand that the project will have 2 ecosystem tokens, COWS and RIM. But, what functions and proprietary software solutions do these Tokens have? How do they complement each other in the Cowboy Snake ecosystem and how can we use them efficiently?

Ans — Our special mechanism with $COWS: COWS holders in the wallet of Binance Smart Chain will get RIM, this is the reward when the community to make transactions with RIM in the network. 25% transaction fee will be shared with the ratio for COWS holders.

That is how you can integrate the two tokens effectively.

Q5. I read that CowboySnake is a product of OrenCT Limited,a technology company specializing in creating Blockchain technology application products. So,can you tell us a little about the company or development team and what interest they have in developing within the gamified sector?

Ans — All of the core members have had years of experience in their profession as well as 5+ years relating blockchain and cryptocurrency. Some of them have founded and co-founded numerous companies before — such as Mr. Chung Le, the CEO of the company, was the Founder & CEO ORENCT Limited, and Founder of KGSHARK Investment Fund. That for sure would give Cowboy Snake a solid business base.

Regarding game development, we have Mr. Soo Sean — The Game Technical Lead, has had 20 years of experience in programming and operating games. Mr. Jamie Waters — The UX/UI Leader, has had 15 years of experience in designing UI/UX for games. The other core members also have at least 8 years of background in game-related fields.

As you can see, with such a strong and firm team, we believe Cowboy Snake can greatly burgeon.

Questions Asked by our BlockTalks Community Members during live Session to CowBoy Snake Team!!

Q1. I am Really Interested to MEET THE $COW TOKEN , Can you please tell me How I Can Earn it Or Purchase it and What are the Major Uses and Features of the $COW TOKEN ?

Ans — There will be two tokens used in our tokenomics:

The first one is $RIM: Snake Rinium Token (RIM) is a token BEP-20 used for rewards for Cowboy Snake players. RIM holders can get weekly reward from the treasure exploited in the game. $RIM is used for three purposes:

• Break the Egg: The fee for breaking eggs is 5 BUSD per time.

• Egg Combination: The Egg combination fee is 1 BUSD per time.

• Pay to join the game room: Each turn, snakes need a small amount of RIM to participate in the mortal combat room.

• Food for NFT snakes: If it is over time but the snake with a turn of 300,000 points has not been fed, it will automatically consume an amount of RIM equivalent to 0.1 BUSD/hour. This consumption will be displayed on the player’s account.

The second one iss the main token, $COWS. It can be used to buy NFT items, join the tournament, and primary means of exchange on Marketplace.

That is to say, you can earn $COWS by selling on the marketplace.

Q2. To be honest, Cowboysnake cannot do it all on its own. Can you introduce us to Backers of @CowboySnake Platform. Tell us about the people whose long-term supports and extensive experience in the Crypto Industry si going to se Cowboy Snake gonna rock on the #GameFi universe

Ans — Indeed. In fact, we have a list of strong partners to help us. Our strategic partners are Onebit Ventures, BSCStation, AVStar Capital and OnBlock Ventures. On the development process, we also onboard some top partners around the world such as Moniwar, UFin, Tienthuattoan Capital, DareNFT, AKA Ventures, CoinF, AVStar & CoinLab.

Q3. Is there an entry fee to join CowboySnake? Can you briefly talk about the gameplay? And what kinds of events will players be able to attend?

Ans — There will be a total of 4 game modes:

1, PVE:

You need to kill the other snakes in the challenge room and eat the required amount of food. Then the Shenron Dragon will appear, you need to kill Shenron to get the chest. Then your snake nest will appear, you need to move to your snake nest to save the rewards to the archive on your account. The chest you get from the Shenron Dragon will contain random rewards including: Snake Rinium (RIM), NFT Egg pieces, NFT Eggs, NFT Hats.

2, PvP:

The players will battle with each other for the top position on the weekly ranking board. SHENRON dragons will also appear on a regular basis in the playroom. You will compete against other players to be the first to kill the Shenron and take the chest. The snake nest will appear when you complete your quests. At this time, you need to move to the snake nest to store the achievements before being killed and taken by your opponent. Beside that, you will also compete for the top positions on the weekly leaderboards to receive rewards from the in-game TREASURES. The size of the treasure are based on the number of players — the more players, the bigger the treasure is.

3, Tournaments:

Starting from 2023, there will be tournaments that are held in the Team versus Team (TvT) format, where all players with NFT snakes compete against each other as teams and can earn COWS tokens exclusive ranking board rewards. There will also be massive global Virtual Reality (VR) tournaments in the future so stay updated for more information.

4, Treasure Hunt:

You can collect the NFT items and treasures on the actual Google Map. This mode will be updated in the future.

Q4. Can you share to us your tokenomics? How much is the total and circulation supply of your tokens? Will there be buy back system or token burning in the future?

Ans — We have 1,000,000,000 tokens, and burning token is a very important part of our tokenomic to avoid inflation occur.

The first way to burn token is the prize players get from winning PvP matches. After each victory, you will have a chance to receive a treasure, 25% of the total prize pool for the treasure will be burned, 25% will be for the winners, and 25% will be attributed to $RIM holders.

The second way is when player mint the wallet, so it will cost 10% of the total fee, this 5% of this will be burnt, 2.5% is for the $COW holders and 2.5% is for the RIM total pool.

So by using this burning mechanism, we first maintain the connection between the two tokens, when the holder of one token may earn the other from time to time, and also parts of both tokens will be burnt when players take part in different activities in the game

Q5. You mention that if we are playing and we run out of time and our snake has not eaten it will freeze, what happens if my snake freezes? How can I “unfreeze” it or get it back? What should I do?

Ans — You must feed the snake to maintain its life, if it is over time but the snake is not eaten, it will be FROZEN. To recover a Snake, you need an amount of COWS equivalent to 200BUSD (this recovery fee may change from time to time depending on the value of COWS in the market) or you have to feed the snake an amount of RIM equivalent to the number of hours that it is frozen (0.1 BUSD/hour, counting from when the Snake is frozen).

Here are some important links of CowBoy Snake👇🏻

⦿ Website ⦿ Twitter ⦿ Telegram ⦿ Medium




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