BlockTalks x Crypto Revolution AMA Transcript!

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BlockTalks x CRVT AMA Transcript

We recently hosted an AMA with Crypto Revolution, on 2nd October, at 1PM UTC. Many of you might have participated or many of not. But we make sure no one missed out from the knowledge shared by Danny, Founder of CRVT . So here we are up with the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this blog post will be a saver & feeder of knowledge for them.


Danny —Hello everyone. I am Danny. Most of the people know me. I am 35 Single. Lol. Wait this is for another chat. Haha. I got into Crypto in 2017.
So it was January 2017. One friend introduced me to Swisscoin. Lol. So this was the first Crypto I bought and turned into Scam few days after that. Lol
So 2017 I lost a lot cause was investing based on friends Advices.

Introduction Questions Asked By BlockTalks

Q1. Could you please introduce Crypto Revolution (CRVT) to our community in layman’s term?

Ans — Crypto Revolution Token (CRVT) was created with the idea to bring more Adoption in Crypto and spread Awareness about Blockchain among non Crypto Users. It’s ERC-20 Token with total supply of 77 777 Tokens and Circulating Supply of around 30 000 Tokens at the moment.

Q2. What are the advantages of Crypto Revolution (CRVT) to other alternatives in the Blockchain field?

Ans — First and most important advantage is that I stay behind CRVT with my name and my Reputation. I am not Anonymous like huge procent of Crypto Projects Teams at the moment. Second I have a really long term vision for my token. I aim to build big Educational Crypto Platform where everyone easy can read and learn about Blockchain and Crypto and get some CRVT in return. And third my token is definitely not for Moon Boys. Lol. Not an investment. It’s a token you hold long term if you want to gain more and more knowledge and Value of course. Just imagine you are in School and you learning every day/week/month,/year something new which will help you in your Life when you grow up. My mission is exactly the same with CRVT. I want to bring more people into Crypto and reward them with CRVT.

Q3. What are the major milestones Crypto Revolution (CRVT) achieved so far & what are in the future pipeline?

Ans — So far with pretty much Zero Marketing it’s listed on 3 Exchanges (Resfinex, Fides Exchange and Uniswap), more than 80 Holders, already on Coingecko, Coinpaprika and Blockfolio. Partnership with NEWS Token, with Golden Ratio Token. So much plans and idea for the future. But let’s say till end of the year we will have few exciting Events:
1. Resfinex Exchange Trading Competition starting from tomorrow with 1500 CRVT Prize pool.
2. Aidrop Event later in October
3. More pairs on Uniswap. One with NEWS is coming really soon
4. Pair on SwapMatic
5. Quizes and Activities in Crypto Revolution group with Rewards in CRVT
6. And of course some surprises but I’ll keep them in secret 😁😁
More information for the future plans you can find in the WhitePaper at

Questions Asked on Twitter For CRVT Founder!

Q1. After Crypto Revolution’s success in the $CRVT token launching,
What are the other programs will you do in developing this project?
Will there be more innovations from Crypto Revolution in the future?
Maybe Staking, NFTs, Yield Farming, etc?😁

Ans — This is a good question. For now till end of the year use cases of the CRVT will be only in the Telegram group. If you look at the CRVT WhitePaper and benefits for Holders actually there is Staking. If you hold your tokens you receive Rewards every month based on the amount of tokens you hold.
From next year I have plans to add more use cases outside Telegram group. NFTs is one of them. Actually here probably I can tell one of the secrets. I have a good friend who is developing mobile games so there is idea to make a mobile game with Rewards in CRVT and people pay for Items in the Game with CRVT

Q2. CRVT started as a test and to reward the community users, you thought it would have the value it has now? How do you expect to keep growing both the community and the token?

Ans — Yeap. At the very beginning idea was token to be just for fun and to have no Value. But I decided later to list the Token on Uniswap. First day got like $10 000 Volume just for few hours and a lot of people speculate with Price. That’s why I removed my liquidity shortly after that. Right now there is Pool CRVT/ETH on Uniswap which I don’t recommend for trading exactly because of people speculation with Price. Soon I’ll be able to provide more Liquidity and start supporting this Pool again. With more Liquidity will be not that much speculate with the Price. And with more AMAs in the Crypto Revolution Group and more people involved of course Community and Token Value will grow.

Q3. Being part of the CRVT community, I have seen the growth that the project has had step by step, so far I have only seen Danny as CEO of the project, so, does the CRVT team have more members? Who are the partners currently supporting the project?

Ans — Actually as I mentioned many times in the group not really. Lol. I run the group totally by myself. Now I just have 1 Moderator helping me only with watching the group sometimes. But I do everything else alone. Well, I enjoy it. Just don’t like that sometimes people don’t understand that and keep asking for Rewards, Distribution and so. Alex and Comrade understand me very well here. 😁😄 So first Project who gave me a hand was Golden Ratio Token. ROB, GRT CEO is always behind my back with Advices. Also I met really a lot of great people after my AMA with them in Crypto Revolution group. They have been really supportive 🙂

Q4. You mentioned that at the beginning of creating the Crypto Revolution group you faced some challenges. What motivated you to overcome each of those challenges and to move on?

Ans — Yeap. A lot of haters in the beginning. Few Projects canceled theirs AMAs with me because of that. My Community motivated me to keep going. They were always behind my back. And of course as I mentioned earlier BlockTalks Admins, people from other Projects who joined my group at the very beginning. And of course my Reputation from the group where I was Moderator for few months.

Q5. The biggest issue confronting adoption is lack of technical knowledge and education creating a big barrier to entry in how do you seek to educate potential users and you seek to ONBOARD them to use CRVT

Ans — Totally agree with your Statement. That’s why every single person is important in Crypto. How? With easy to read and understand Articles for Beginners in Crypto. I already have permission from Monarch Token CEO Robert Beadles to use Articles from his book for my Educational Platform. So Articles, Videos and Rewards in CRVT will bring more people into Crypto Universe.

Questions Asked by our BlockTalks Community Members during live Session to the CRVT Founder!

Q1. where can I buy $CRVT tokens? Does #CryptoEvolution have any plans to include $CRVT tokens in big market markets, such as probit, OkeX and others. thank you

Ans — Currently you can buy CRVT on Resfinex. There are 4 Pairs there CRVT/USDT, CRVT/ETH, CRVT/GRT and CRVT/BTC; Fides Exchange 1 Pair CRVT/GRT and Uniswap one pair CRVT/GRT. Yeap more Exchanges will come for sure. Right now CRVT is on Coingecko but soon it will be on CMC as well.

Q2.Tell us about what has motivated you to remain in crypto and create your own crypto telegram group despite initial scars by scam and what are you trying to achieve with CRVT-some secret stuff you want to reveal to us?

What are the best wallets to store CRVT and how to stake it and its rewards?

Ans — Decentralization. This is the main reason I love Crypto for. I created the group cause I want more people to be involved into Crypto, to meet let’s say Crypto Friends, to talk about Crypto. You can store your CRVT on Trust Wallet for example. This is the Wallet I mostly use for everything. You just need to hold them in your Wallet to be eligible for Rewards. Snapshot will be taken every week of All wallets and I’ll be checking who is following the Rules and who is not. Benefits for Holders you can check here:

Q3. Communities is very important in order to makes impact on more addoption.
How many communities do you have now , What kinds of support wants from the community?

Ans — For now I just have English Community. I’m planning to create Spanish one probably beginning of next year. All kind of support from Community is welcome. Very simple. I just want when I ask for some little help for something people to do it. 🙂

Q4. Hey Danny! Crypto Revolution has more than 10,000 members, but just as you said sometimes things get a little boring when there are no AMAs. Any hint about how will aidrops/quizzes/events will be working to promote activity in the Community? What do you have in that precious mind? ;) Thanks!

Ans — There will be weekly quizzes every week till 31st of December with 250 CRVT Prize pool. 5 Winners 50 CRVT each. They will be like the Live Quizes during AMAs. Also 2 Active people from the group will get 50 CRVT every week till 31.12.2020

Q5. As I know few days ago, CRVT price was about 23$ and now it’s too low like about 0.25$ . I understand that for lack of money CRVT price is dropped. So my question is, in future so you have any plan to run fundraising program ( IEO, ICO…)?

Ans — Actually price was $28 cause of the small trade someone did on CRVT/BTC Pair . Nope. Not Running anything like that. As it’s mentioned in WhitePaper CRVT is not an Investment

Q6. Does the price of the token matter to you from an operational perspective, if the token price is $1 or $100?

Ans — Not at all. I’m not of this guys who create the token to get rich. Lol. If I wanted to do so I was going to do Presale and rug pull after that. My vision for the token is really long term. I have ideas on mind for next 2,3 years. Market decides the price

Here are some important links of Crypto Revolution Token👇

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