BlockTalks x CryptoLocally AMA Transcript!

BlockTalks x CryptoLocally AMA Transcript


Hugo Campanella — I’ve been working in tech teams since 8 years now, started my professional life at UBS and AXA, then left the corporate world for an online gaming company in Berlin, helped startups as a UI/UX consultant in Paris and finally moved to Hong Kong where I leaded product teams for a couple years. This is where I met Jae (co-founder) and we decided to start a business together. We first launched a block producer team ( on the EOS blockchain, built; now the most used block explorer for EOS.IO chains and finally launched CryptoLocally together.

Introduction Questions Asked By BlockTalks

Q1. Could you please introduce CryptoLocally $GIV to our community in layman’s term?

Questions Asked on Twitter For CryptoLocally team!

Q1. Most P2P exchanges take custody of funds by using a centralized deposit/withdraw interface. What is Cryptolocally doing different eliminate this?

Questions Asked by our BlockTalks Community Members during live Session for the CryptoLocally team!

Q1. Can smart contracts also settle trade disputes which is common in P2P? Or how will you solve it?

  1. They decide where to meet and then click agree on terms.
  2. Seller funds the escrow.
  3. Buyer pays the seller in cash, in-person.
  4. Seller releases the escrow.



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