BlockTalks x CyberTrade AMA Transcript!

We recently hosted an AMA with CyberTrade, on January 26th at 1 PM UTC. Many of you might have participated or many of not. But we make sure no one missed out from the knowledge shared by Sebastian Soos, Head of Blockchain So here we are up with the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this blog post will be a saver & feeder of knowledge for them.

Introduction Questions Asked By Team BlockTalks!

Q1. Could you please introduce CyberTrade to our community in layman’s term?

Ans —

CyberTrade is an upcoming MMO RPG game with a futuristic cyber-like looking design. It’s an open-world adventure game built on Binance Smart Chain. The CyberTrade Metaverse will be a next-gen AAA sandbox experience built from the QORPO dev-house. The gameplay includes basic open world games features. You will be looking at your character from the third person.

There will be 10 leveling zones(districts) to playthrough. The player will progress all the way from poor suburbs to the downtown of metropolit. Each zone will be visually specific. The game will feature a refined economy system. The core idea of the gameplay is to become as wealthy as possible and gain supremacy over the city. To do this you have to buy properties, build factories, skyscrapers, etc… All of these can make you a big profit if you can manage them well.

Q2. What are the advantages of CyberTrade to the other alternatives in the Blockchain field?

Ans —First of all, it is certainly the user experience and gameplay, which in the case of the majority of games are insufficient for the long-term retention of users. In addition, the graphics and design of most games pushes the gaming industry 15 to 20 years back compared to modern games. People play those blockchain games that bring them more profit and thus can replace the original one for a new one that offers more earnings. The system should not be based on play-to-earn but play-and-earn.

We believe CyberTrade solves this by providing a traditional user experience and providing users with addictive gameplay. It means the players won’t ditch the game for another one that comes out and also means they aren’t just playing to “earn” but are also playing for fun.

We are getting very positive feedback from all sides in terms of graphic design in the CyberTrade game. This is surely our competitive advantage and the reason why users will not be seeking new games each month but will stay playing the game. Their priority will be to earn as much as possible because it will be the main priority in the Metaverse. The more $CCASH the user holds, the more advanced rights and opportunities will the Metaverse bring to him.

Q3. What are the major milestones CyberTrade achieved so far & what are in the future pipeline?

Ans — Our company QORPO has achieved many successes in its history. In addition to successfully completing the development of the first Trade Race Manager game, which has reached more than 150,000 users, we consider it a success to achieve an IOI token capitalization of more than $35,000,000 in less than 6 months.

More than 500,000 people have gathered on our social networks all the time and they are growing every day. During the last three years of our development and existence of the QORPO company, we have managed to gather many partnerships. We are glad, that amongst our investors are such names as KuCoin, Binance smart chain, Binance NFT, OKex, Firestarter, Polkastarter, Maven Capital, Master Ventures, Blockchain game alliance, Momentum 6, and many others.

Questions Asked on Twitter For CyberTrade Team!

Q1. Build your own street! is there going to be some self build feature like SandBox build? The metavserse area/map will be limited or going to be creatable by players?

Ans — Sandbox is one of the first projects to grasp the idea of a real sandbox-style game, where users can do anything they desire, buy lands, hang out, fight and have fun. CyberTrade is taking this idea to another level by utilizing the open world with MMORPG experience and in-game economy never seen before in blockchain gaming. The persistent metaverse open world that changes due to citizens’ decisions will immerse the players in various types of activities and land management, where players are able to not only build for the show but to build and create utilities, such as the production of various NFTs, taxes, advertisement, services and much more.

Q2. It’s no doubt that the Play-2-Earn mechanism is really changing the gaming world, however majority of these Play-2-Earn games are designed in such a way that only crypto experts will be able to play the games. How do you intend to create a game that will maintain a balance between simplicity and user experience? In another words, a game that won’t be difficult for newbies and at the same won’t be too boring for the gaming gurus?

Ans — There are few games that only crypto experts can play but from our side it will be very simple. First development phase will be instance games : drag racing and street fighting.

The drag racing will be based on a artributes of the racer and car, but most of the winning rate will be based on your skill of clicking on the shift pedal at the precise time. That means you do not need to be skilled crypto expert, you just need to have fast fingers.

For the streetfighting it will be a tactical card game similiar to axie infinity. In a battle, two players play against each other by taking turns with fighter actions from their syndicate. The team of fighters consists of 3 Fighters/Bosses which the player chooses with a strategically equipped inventory of guns, grenades, martial arts skills, and more.

In the last phase — Crypto Citizen it will be like GTA 5 and i believe. Everyone from us that played games was pretty good in the GTA gameplay.

Q3. How the QORPO ecosystem is taking part in cybertrade ecosystem considering the future metaverse in-game strategies?

Ans — QORPO Ecosystem consist of these products :

- CyberTrade represents an MMORPG play-and-earn game with a futuristic cyber-like game design released on Binance Smart Chain. CyberTrade takes place in the city of Metropolit in 2101 after the technological revolution.

- 💳 QORPO ID represents the loyalty, honor, and status of citizens in the city of Metropolit by wearing an ID card with monumental value.

🏎 TRM2 (Trade Race Manager 2) represents a real-time play-and-earn trading simulator (a fully operational game designed in Unity) working on a principle of scalp trading. The concept of the game allows our users to make money in a bear market.

⛽️ Fuel system is an in-game trading user-friendly tool to new players while still including advanced options for experienced players

- TRM2

👛QORPO Wallet connects the entire ecosystem of the games and marketplace with zero fees, internal transfers, the option of staking, and the ability to purchase IOI or NFTs.

- QORPO Wallet

🛒 QORPO Marketplace works as a traditional marketplace. You can buy or sell any NFTs & Collectibles there. You can transfer NFTs from the market to QORPO Wallet and TRM2 with no fees (CyberTrade incorporation incoming with the release).

Q4. CyberTrade is an open world game with high details and action-packed gameplay.So,will it be required to have expensive hardware to play the game? How do u plan to launch the game? Will it be a web based, or PC only game? Or do u have plans to launch a mobile version too?

Ans — The mobile version will not work in the initial stage of the game, but no extra powerful computer will be needed to run and run the game without any problems. We know very well that it’s absolutely important to have the mobile app ASAP and we will be working on it as it.

First of all we will develop application for PC and Mac OS.

At a later stage of development, of course, both the mobile android and the iOS application will be launched. We are targeting to make the game as much available as possible to get maximum user base all around the world. Worth to mention is that most of the userbases for P2E and GameFi comes from less wealthy countries and so we will be making the game very playable.

Q5. I read in a CyberTrade interview that the more $CCASH the user has, the greater his rights and opportunities that the Metaverse will bring him. What kind of rights do you get by being an influential $CCASH holder and how can we take advantage of these rights in the metaverse?

Ans — $CCASH represents a governance token/currency of the future in CyberTrade Metaverse!

You as a holder will get to decide about the imminent actions taken in the development of Metropolit. Amount of $CCASH determines your Citizen Ranking and by that your faith and rights in the city!

By holding CyberCash, players will get a chance to buy various utilities of the Metaverse world. Players will be able to buy land, construct buildings, control factories, conduct financial services, or simply drive the best cars. This gives users a chance to mint in-game NFTs and afterward sell, trade, or simply drop them on their land to attract more players that pay taxes for staying on the land. Metaverse will contain a never-seen economy guaranteeing long-term replay-ability and profits for high-ranked citizens that will use their CCASH the right way and invest in profitable businesses. The goal of global player participation is to fight for CCASH, which is a key measure of influence and rights.

CCASH Token is also an in-game currency that has gaming utilities such as rewarding, trading NFT Collectibles & Staking.

Questions Asked by our BlockTalks Community Members during live Session to CyberTrade Team!!

Q1. As regards Drag Race which is the first game mode that will be launched on CyberTrade, if I’m right, Cars will be needed to participate in this race, so will these cars be purchased or it will be given out for free? If it will be purchased, how much will it cost, hope it will be affordable and what will be the entry cost per race?

Ans — The first cars to come are ,, GENESIS 0'’ which means they will have the best artibutes and so their rarity and price in the future will be the best one. To participate in the Alpha Test you will need to have NFTs. Prices goes up from 100$ up to 1000$ for the most rare ones with the least quantity of minting.

Q2. Is CyberTrade a product of QORPO? because on the whitePaper there is information about QORPO, PLEASE TELL ABOUT IT?

Ans — Yes, sure. QORPO is our company based in Central Europe. QORPO is a leading game studio and international multi-blockchain company focused on connecting gaming with blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. The game developer has its headquarters located in Bratislava, Slovakia with over 50 employees. The corporation has developed powerful teams from all around the world and some of its members worked with major gaming studios such as Gameloft or EA. QORPO is an NFT leader in central Europe currently building the most complete ecosystem in the NFT universe with 3 live products — Trade Race Manager, QORPO Wallet, and QORPO Market and is currently developing a CyberTrade project.

Q3. For the CITIZEN ID, when is the NFT sales coming up? Please also tell us about the “PORTAL”

Ans — Metaverse will offer all NFT enthusiasts a chance to try out the game before investing a single dime! Welcome PORTAL! PORTAL is one of its kind Metaverse function where all you need to do is deposit any gaming NFT to our wallet and we will rent you a Metaverse Avatar or Vehicle for free to test your skill and earn CCASH in the process! Everybody can thrive in Metaverse! Start your journey with PORTAL!

CITIZEN ID will be on sale after alpha test launch

Q4. How much CCASH should I have in order to be strong in CyberTrade city and game. Is having CCASH the only way to be strong in the Metaverse world? What features does CCASH deploy to attract users from other gaming platforms?

Ans — We are building well balanced system where all users will have a voting rights and power in the Metaverse. There will be 2 metrics — amount of CCASH a user hold and how long the user holds the CCASH.

This means there might be a situation where long-term hodler with 1000$ in CCASH will have bigger power than new user who bought 50,000$ in CCASH.

I can not share here all the links. Not a problem guys. We welcome all the users in our community. Almost 100k people are in there already and we are waiting for you to join us

Here are some important links of CyberTrade👇🏻

⦿ Website ⦿ Twitter ⦿ Telegram ⦿ Instagram



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