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We recently hosted an AMA with Decimated Games, on May 9th at 12 PM UTC. Many of you might have participated or many of not. But we make sure no one missed out from the knowledge shared by Stephen Arnold, CEO & Creative Director at Decimated Games. So here we are up with the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this blog post will be a saver & feeder of knowledge for them.

Q1. Could you please introduce Decimated to our community in layman’s terms?

Ans — Decimated is a 3rd person survival role playing game developed in Unreal Engine, where players can choose to play a variety of roles, in three main factions; human citizens, cyborg cops and AI robots.

Players can choose to play PvP or PvE by salvaging resources, technology and digital currency, repairing vehicles, building bases, fortifying shelters, collecting bounties, ambushing, looting or trading in this hostile post-apocalyptic environment.

Decimated won an award for “Best Blockchain Game” at the Kiev Crypto Games Conference in 2019 and received an Epic Megagrant from Unreal Engine in 2021.

The game will be Play to Earn and will have tradable virtual assets such as apartments, vehicles, weapons and customizations.

Our official website is




Q2. What are the advantages of Decimated to the other alternatives in the Blockchain field?

Ans — Our game is aiming to be AAA quality. We are developing a massive open world where players can explore and choose to be friendly or hostile to other players.

Most other blockchain games are browser based or 2D games. We are aiming for the hardcore PC and console gamer market.

We are aiming for the traditional videogame market, as we want to have millions of players by the time the alpha version is released. Our game is more like ARMA, DAYZ, RUST, ARK Survival Evolved.

Q3. What are the major milestones Decimated achieved so far & what are in the future pipeline?

Ans —

The company was set up in 2018, we were prototyping with ethereum back in the early days and won an award for best blockchain game when we had a straightforward PvP combat demo with a “kill for crypto” tagline (videos on our youtube channel)

Since then, we reached pre-alpha stage of development and we were testing with our community for many months, and we were trying all the time to raise money to develop the alpha version. Until then, the company was self funded and we were still an indie studio with just 5 developers.

We raised $4.5 million round from over a dozen backers, including Alameda Research, Huobi Ventures, Spartan Group, Forward Analytic and public listed company Cryptology AG.

We listed on and and are currently working on the staking system which launches in May/June 2022, our marketplace, which launched in Q2 2022, and the alpha version of the game which launched in 2023.

Questions Asked on Twitter for Decimated Games Team!!

Q1. As a Blockchain game, how do you use blockchain technology to manage in-game trading, digital scarcity and ownership of virtual items in Game DECIMATE? whether All virtual items such as clothing, weapons, etc. will have value on the market, and can be traded in virtual shops?

Ans — We are actually making a regular centralized videogame that is running on authoritative servers, where all player activity is recorded when they kill, rob or trade with other players, but we are adding blockchain functionality that enables players to withdraw their items/virtual currency and trade on other marketplaces or exchanges. We are using a process called lazy minting, but will set the scarcity level in our database for clothing, vehicles, weapons and more.

Q2. I understand that Decimated is a third-person survival role-playing game where players can choose to play a variety of roles as humans or cyborgs. But what are the differences between humans and cyborgs? Can you give me an example of the different roles players can play?

Ans —Yes you can choose to play a variety of roles including:

🛃Cyborg Cop



🔫Bounty Hunter



🍴 Food Merchant

🚕Taxi Driver



🥷 Marauder


Each of the different roles will be able to access different missions, items, vehicles and customizations, and you can play alone or as part of a group. All roles can customize their character with augmentations to buff their abilities and complete tasks faster.

there’s a great video about the game here:

Q3. I have to agree that I have seen the graphics and art of several games but Decimated really is on another level. So, will we really get to see these stunning graphics and art in the game or is it just for advertising and promotion of the game?

Ans — Yes all the content in the trailer is in-engine content, and will be seen in the game. We have a growing internal art team working in Unreal Engine 5 to create a massive open world exactly like is seen in the trailer. This is a playable area:

Q4. I read that the DECIMATED team is distributed among Portugal, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, UK, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Brazil and more. Taking into account these last two that you mention: do you have any specific strategy for the development of your project in Latin America?

Ans — Yes we already have some people on the team from Argentina, Colombia and Brazil. We hire people based on the quality of their portfolio or experience working in Unreal Engine, and have many talented developers and artists from Latin America in our database who we will hire as we scale up the team.

Q5. The Solana blockchain now contains both the native DIO coin and NFT futures. What are the most important aspects that led Fracture Labs to build Decimated on the Solana blockchain, and not on Polygon as it would initially be?

Ans — The main reason we chose solana over other blockchains is because solana enabled writing on-chain in C++, which is the same language we use for the game in Unreal Engine.

Here is our smart contract:

And listing on Coinmarketcap:

Questions Asked by our BlockTalks Community Members during live Session to Decimated Games Team!!

Q1. Is DECIMATED Platform Is Based on FREE TO PLAY Model Or not , What Money I have To Pay to your Platform so that I can Play the game , Is Buying NFT is Compulsory to play the game ?

Ans — yes it will be free to play, for a limited amount of time per day, like most free to play games. If you want full access to the game and extra content, it will be there to purchase.

Q2. You have Provided the Screenshots From the game on your website , These screenshots are looking so Cool, Will this be included in the Original Game Launch?

Ans — some of the screenshots are in-game, some are concept art that we develop to visualize the characters, vehicles and environments prior to 3D production.

Q3. Is Decimated free to play? What is the IN-GAME CURRENCY of Decimated? Does the in-game currency have unlimited supply or otherwise? Can you please make this clear to us?

Ans — yeah it’s free to play. the in-game currency is called DIO, which is on Coinmarketcap and some exchanges. there is a 1 billion total supply, which is fixed.

Q4. Is Your project a local or global project? how many communites do you have for non english users??

Ans — we have multiple languages in our discord channel:

Q5. Is your NFT available for buy now? What are the NFT marketplaces we can trade? On what blockchain will you launch it.?

Ans — The marketplace is in development, and coming in the next 2–3 months. there will be all sorts of in-game items available including apartments, vehicles, weapons and character customizations.

Q6. In your Whitepaper you have two interesting sections, these are: building and fortification, and property ownership. So, can you tell us about the right to own property in your game and what benefits do properties give? To what extent can you design these properties?

Ans — we are developing a virtual real-estate system where players can buy a city apartment and customize it inside. You will be free to resell it to someone else in the future :)

The building system will enable players to move objects around in the game world to fortify areas of the map that they would like to build a base in.

Q7. While researching Decimated, I noticed that you haven’t edited a medium level article or event for about 5–6 months, can you tell me why the Decimated team remained silent during this process? Is market instability affecting Decimated so much, what is your focus right now for Decimated’s development work?

Ans — We are more focused on game development than writing content for medium. We feel that video content is more representative of what we are working on.

Here are some important links of Decimated Games👇🏻

⦿ Website ⦿ Twitter ⦿ Telegram



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