BlockTalks x DeHorizon AMA Transcript!

We recently hosted an AMA with DeHorizon, on September 29th at 2 PM UTC. Many of you might have participated or many of not. But we make sure no one missed out from the knowledge shared by Shen Zhu, Founding Director. So here we are up with the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this blog post will be a saver & feeder of knowledge for them.

Introduction Questions Asked By Team BlockTalks!

Q1. Could you please introduce DeHorizon to our community in layman’s term?

Ans — Thanks for inviting me here to introduce our Gamefi Metaverse project DeHorizon.
👉🏻 Feel free to browse:

Before introducing DeHorizon, let me introduce our team first.

DeHorizon Foundation is the Silicon Valley based team, composed of around 30 full-time members concentrating on the different aspects of the game, including developing, designing, marketing, blockchian and more.

Still, we have several overseas community volunteers to help us build up Russia, Korea, Japan, and many more other local communities.

Here are our core members, previously working for Bithumb Global, Dungeons & Dragons, Verizon, Yoozoo games, with invaluable experience working on a variety of international projects including gaming and blockchain.

Our vision is to make DeHorizon an immersive "Play for fun and to earn" Game Metaverse.

For Now, we are developing our first MMO/RPG blockchain game DeVerse. The game is a ferocious, high fantasy action-adventure game that allows players to explore vast, alluring worlds and clash with various foes with the help of their friends and allies. DeVerse’s game financial system basically forms a critical part of helping build a sustainable P2E economy.

For more information, pls read our litepaper:

Join our Discord for more up-to-date news about us:



Q2. Why do you want to create DeHorizon?

Ans — The appearance of GameFi does make great influence on the traditional gaming and blockchain industry as play-to-earn temporarily becomes a global trend.

We think it is a breakthrough for the traditional gaming industry as well as an opportunity for the blockchain industry to embrace new traffic.

Although P2E is a common phenomenon in GameFi, we firmly believe that blockchain games should not only be "play to earn", but should also be for fun as well.

A common defect in GameFi marketplace is lack of a Metaverse Game Ecosystem to develop. We are still in the early stages of the evolution of GameFi.

For the next stage, a Metaverse Game Ecosystem is essential to make GameFi go further.

That is why DeHorizon comes.

BTW, NFT space is nascent but promising. The innovation of NFT represents the digitalization of assets. Owners of NFTs are recorded on blockchain allowing an NFT to be traded as a stand-in for the digital asset it represents. Metaverse as a digital virtual world requires "value transfer". We think NFT will play an important role in it. So now, we focus on developing our first MMO/RPG game DeVerse, where players can play for fun and to earn with a smooth and immersive gaming experience.

Q3. NFT market is trendy recently. What are the features of mystery boxes DeHorizon sell?

Ans — We are launching 18,000 for this collection.

12,000 Mystery Boxes will be listed on DeHorizon official website and the rest will be listed on Binance NFT Mystery Boxes on Saturday, Oct 2nd at 11 AM UTC.

A Mystery Box provides you the chance to receive a unique DeHorizon Metaverse Meta-Poster NFT, exclusive attributes for the player along with SSR JuJus. Each NFT has its level of rarity.

Here are the details below.

Holders who successfully collect DeVerse Metaverse pieces A+B+C+D will be able to claim a unique "Raider Tyga from DeHorizon Metaverse" Meta-poster NFT.

"Raider Tyga A,B,C,D" will help players to increase the possibility of defeating "Big Boss" Tyga.

If the player successfully defeats "Big Boss" Tyga, he can get Tyga’s exclusive clothes and a randomly generated JuJu (at least SR quality). Meanwhile, holders who have Raider Tyga D will have an additional in-game airdrop as a surprise gift.

If you successfully defeat "Big Boss" Tyga in DeVerse, you will win the great rewards of gears with at least SR quality.

Meanwhile, holders who have Raider Tyga D will have an additional in-game airdrop as a special gift.

The difference between "Raider Tyga A/B/C/D" is the possibility of defeating "Big Boss" Tyga.

The possibility: "Raider Tyga D"> "Raider Tyga A"= "Raider Tyga B"= "Raider Tyga C"

The collection of Raider Tyga A+B+C+D will provide the best possibility of defeating "Big Boss" Tyga.

SSR quality JuJus in this round of Mystery Boxes event are SUPER SUPER SUPER rare.

For more details, Here is FAQ about How "Raider Tyga A/B/C/D" works in DeVerse?

Q4. DeMeta Pass ID sounds quiet new. Can you talk more about it?

Ans — DeMeta is the first Interoperable, Editable and Evolvable ERC-721 NFT, composed of 6 replaceable attributes and a character profile stored on-chain within 256 bytes customized by players themselves.

As your virtual ID in DeHorizon Metaverse, DeMeta will evolve with players and become the unique NFT exclusively to players.

So DeMeta is the next gen of NFTs, especially in the gaming.

Here is the overview of DeMeta

Each attribute in DeMeta is an NFT.

6 replaceable attributes are randomly generated, composed of 3 character figures and 3 gears.

Much more replaceable attributes will be acquired in the upcoming game DeVerse and rotated in your DeMeta.

All the replaceable attributes can be individually traded in the future.

Players can customize their character profile to show their aspiration why to join DeHorizon Metaverse.

The character profile can be reset with the cost of GAS. All the previous owners and profiles will be stored on-chain for review.

We launched DeMeta with our technical partner POD, pioneering NFT Interoperability Middleware.

Both of us believe that the next generation of NFT should be interoperable, editable and evolvable.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that Metaverse is a leap forward to open, interconnection, connection, and building, user-generated networks.

The innovation of DeMeta will help DeHorizon Metaverse forward to interconnection and connection.

I think the initial launch of NFT interoperability standard is a flagship milestone in the opening of Metaverse’s interconnection.

Catch up with us and join this innovative experiment!

Don’t miss out the "Claim and Mint your DeMeta for free" event on Thursday, Oct 7 at 11 AM UTC. Yes, It’s Free.

More about DeMeta:

Q5. What are the major milestones DeHorizon achieved so far & what are in the future pipeline?

Ans — Frist of all, We have just closed $8.5M Series A Round led by Sfermion, Dragonfly Capital and Everest Ventures Group.

The new funding will help us to further DeVerse’s development and grow the team.

"Raider Tyga Mystery Box" event and "Claim and Mint DeMeta Pass ID (DeMeta) for free" event must be in the first-coming pipeline.

Our DeVerse pilot trailer will be released by the end of October.

DAO token $DEVT will be listed around November before the Alpha live of DeBattle launches.

Here is our main roadmap:

Questions Asked on Twitter For DeHorizon Team!

Q1. In your introduction you point out "a common defect in GameFi marketplaceis lack of a Metaverse Game Ecosystem to develop, We are still in the early stages of the evolution of GameFi". With so many projects offering metaverses, what makes DeHorizon different?

Ans — “PLAY for FUN and to Earn” is our game vision. Fun plays a SUPER important role in games. We can’t ignore it!

DeVerse is built on Ethereum. And we have our Ethereum-linked sidechain. User friendly gas fee will greatly help players to play for fun and to earn in DeVerse.

We have a powerful team, made up of serial entrepreneurs, Game & Fintech industry veterans, technical fanatics and MBA elites. Our Chief Product Officer / my Co-Founder Todd served as the founding producer of "Dungeons & Dragons" and the world’s first MMO mobile game "Ultima".

I believe everyone know about D&D right. That’s why we are confident to make this game.

Q2. I think that the main gameplay that DeVerse can present and the interaction with other tokens or chains could manage to show more socialization and interoperability. So how scalable is DeVerse interoperability? Under what strings do you work or want to implement?

Ans — I think interoperability is the first step for Metaverse. Developing the interoperability of NFTs is what we are doing. "DeMeta Pass ID" (DeMeta) is the first ever Interoperable, Editable and Evolvable ERC-721 NFT. It can be viewed as the player’s virtual ID across DeHorizon Metaverse.

In the future, when our NFT standard is widely recognized and applied by more other chain ecosystems, players can directly convert their figures and gears from DeHorizon Metaverse to another blockchain ecosystem, realizing the interconnection of NFTs across the chain.

What DeHorizon is creating is a Metaverse where players can endlessly and unlimitedly create, play, socialize, game and much more.

Q3. The most popular blokchain games are now going through a severe decline due to bad experiences, so what is the approach that DeVerse will take now in its initial stage? Build and develop products, adopt players or partnerships? Are there plans to burn or block unsold tokens?

Ans — Actually, majority of the blockchain games don’t really have the good gaming experience.

Well I mean, they don’t even have attractive gameplay. That is why DeHorizon insists on Play for fun first and to earn next.

Considering further sustainable development, DeHorizon will be governed by DAO with ERC-20 $DEVT(Governance token).

All economic activities in the game, token issuance, and transaction rates will be determined by DAO.

In the early stage of DeVerse, 4 members of DeSeele will come from DeHorizon.

Foundation and the rest will be held by investors and advisers. DeHorizon Foundation will act as chairman at first.

The first-round election will be held in one month after the launch of DeBattle; all nobles have to vote to choose 8 members of DeSeele.

The total supply of $DEVT is 300 million.

To maintain a stable deflation of $DEVT, DeHorizon Foundation will reserve the right to take the token-burning program.

Here is $DEVT Supply Schedule:

Q4. They recently announced their partnership with American rapper tyga, who will claim DeMeta to officially embark on the DeHorizon Metaverse journey. But, do you plan to make other partnerships with celebrities in the future? Will this be the only marketing strategy you will use?

Ans — Sure, we will plan to make more partnerships with other brands, IPs, celebrities and much more.

Branding partnership is just one of our marketing strategies.

We still pay attention to the gameplay of the game, the building and promotion of the global community, the combination of advancing technology and more.

Q5. So far DeHorizon is shown with a dual tokenomy with $ DEVT and $ DGT. So, what are the roles that these two tokens fulfill in the economic model of the gaming ecosystem and the community through their governance? Up to what limits can the community decide and in what aspectss?

Ans — $DGT is our in-game token.

Players have to acquire digital assets by $DGT such as characters, lands, equipment, and much more.

The supply of $DGT is entirely based on the growth of the game user base and the unlocked gameplay.

The initial supply amount of $DGT is 1,000,000,000, released by FairLaunch: 20% in the liquidity pool, and 80% is linearly unlocked in the game.

Here is $DGT Supply Schedule:

$DEVT l have mentioned above.

Questions Asked by our BlockTalks Community Members during live Session to DeHorizon Team!!

Q1. As a game that implements Play to Earn, it requires a previous investment to be able to play. So, is there a minimum investment required to be able to play on DeVerse? How profitable is the economy that the game provides so that players can recover their initial ROI in no time?

Ans — It is free to play MMO and RPG game, No minimum investment required, How profitable... just go play and you will know, more profitable than majority of the crypto games.

Q2. What will be the main game of DeHorizon? I mean, I understand that you want to develop a metaverse, but will you focus on Deverse first?

Ans — Of course DeVerse is our Flagship game on DeHorizon Metaverse, the first game play DeBattle will be out Dec. 2021

Q3. You talk about the next generation of NFT "DeMeta", could you please explain briefly what is DeMeta? What is its purpose? What characterizes it and what will be its benefits in the DeHorizon metaverse?

Ans — DeMeta: Interoperable, Editable, Evolvable; The purpose: we want to make the connection with all other BC Metaverse eco sys. Imagin if players can directly convert their figures and gears from DeHorizon Metaverse to another blockchain ecosystem, realizing the interconnection of NFTs across the chain.

Q4. Can you explain me what is the relationship between Tyga and DeHorizon, is he officially his partner or collaborator? What news will this collaboration bring, only the sale of his "Raider Tyga" mystery boxes? Will these boxes bring NFTs? How can I buy them?

Ans — What is the relationship between Tyga and DeHorizon: he’s our pioneer experience officer in Dehoriozn game. is he officially his partner or collaborator: Partner. His first pioneer will consist of two forthcoming online events, "Raider Tyga Mystery Box" event and "Claim and Mint DeMeta Pass ID (DeMeta) for free" event. More about 👇

Q5. Is there a limit to buying boxes?

Ans — 10 maximum on our wesite, 5 maximum on Binance.

Q6. Are there any guidelines or requirements to join the "Tyga Raider Mystery Box" Event?

Ans —

Q7. Based on gameplay, to increase the level of a certain Juju, one must have to defeat monsters by active playing the game. Some players are somewhate impatient to this kind of leveling, so does Dehorizon has some alternate way on how to level up Jujus aside form defeating monster?

Ans — You can buy from our marketplace.

Here are some important links of DeHorizon👇🏻

⦿ Website ⦿ Twitter ⦿ Telegram ⦿ Medium



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