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BlockTalks x Howdoo/HYPRR AMA Transcript

We recently hosted an AMA with Howdoo/Hyprr, on January 30th at 01.00 PM UTC. Many of you might have participated or many of not. But we make sure no one missed out from the knowledge shared by David Brierley, CEO & Christof Waton, CBDO at Howdoo Blockchain so here we are up with the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this blog post will be a saver & feeder of knowledge for them.

Introduction Questions Asked By Team BlockTalks

Q1. Could you please introduce Howdoo to our community in layman’s term?

Ans — Howdoo is a decentralized blockchain that is built with the focus on high frequency consumers.
We have our super- and seed nodes sale completed yesterday and can (slowly) start looking towards the migration to our own blockchain.

Currently we run on erc20, with our token uDoo, as a lot of DeFi features are being introduced this week and also launched this week.

Our first dAPP is, a decentralized social media dapp that gives content creators a great opportunity to monetize their content.

Q2. What are the advantages of Howdoo to other alternatives in the Blockchain field?

Ans — We have developed our decentralized environment where the blockchain plays a key role for B2C High Frequency Usage.

Any dapp built on the Howdoo Blockchain , that is focussed on mass adoption for consumers are a perfect fit.

150 supernodes got sold out within 48hours
The last seed node (#450) got locked in yesterday so we could go live on our own blockchain when the time suits right.

That equates to over 125m uDoos locked in 24 hours… Seed nodes require 125k each, so in total +56m uDoos.. So in total nodes have locked +181m… Plus we have 50 users on the supernode waiting list, that have staked over 62.5m uDoos.. So lots of support..

Q3. What are the major milestones Howdoo achieved so far & what are in the future pipeline?

Ans — Howdoo:
The node sale is a huge milestone I would say.

We recently made the turn around from inflationary to deflationary tokenmodel and kickstarted it with a tokenburn of 45+m tokens.

What we have in the pipeline is staking to start on 4th February, Farming pool on 8th of February and a trading competition on Kucoin starts on 18th February.

So Hyprr has over 2500 creators signed up. If you total these creators/Influencers fan base, it’s over 450m fans… So even before we launch, we have great support. Of course, we do not expect every FAN to start using Hyprr; however, we are targeting 28m users in the first 12 months from launch. I feel this is a sensible target bearing in mind the warm FAN base we have… We have some large names in social, the largest channel has 50m subs..

Our aim is to become the largest blockchain based platform by the number of Active Users… 99% of our creators/Influencers are mainstream, and as we all know, the real potential and money comes from attracting mainstream users…Steemit reached a marketcap of $1.8b in the last bull run with less than 1m users…

Questions Asked on Twitter For Howdoo/HYPRR Team!

Q1. What are the marketing strategies of your project? What will you do so that your project will be visible in crypto field and people come to explore your project?

Ans — Great question!

Marketing strategies
Social media presence (such as twitter) was key as many influencers / educators are having their community there.
We currently have influencers such as Wendy O, crypto zeinab, DMTland, Lord Hokage, growdigi,… we are signing up with more every few days.

These community leaders do their due diligence and then start cross sharing when they please it or the news suits their community.

So far the sharing is going great.

We do a weekly video on Wednesday for Hyprr, Fridays for Howdoo..made by our CMO Jason.

We write articles , minimum 2/ week, that get posted on our Howdoo blog and shared on social media.

As you see today, we started to attract more community through AMAs, this is the 1st one scheduled and we are releasing news tomorrow regarding a 2nd AMA, with many more to follow.

Podcasts, respected media (cointelegraph,, CoinMarketCap news,…) and last but not least: Youtube reviews.

Q2. Are you able to give information on the governance token and how you plan on selecting token holders?

Ans — The governance of the Howdoo blockchain are actually the super- and seednode holders.

They will decide several topics, such as:
- onboarding dapps

- the fee structure

- Revoking dapps in case they are attracting illegal actions / activities

Governance tokens itself and the issuing of them is a story line that will be brought to the community soon. We expect news to come out early March.

Q3. Is HYPRR a safe and reliable platform for investors? What value does HYPRR bring to investors as well as the blockchain community?

Ans — Ok there is something what we should elaborate. is our Decentralized Social media platform that operates on the Howdoo Blockchain. Howdoo blockchain has currently an ERC20 token named uDoo. Once the blockchain goes operational and we migrate everything, the uDoo token will be swapped to the Howdoo Blockchain native token.

That being said.
Hyprr operates as a dapp on a decentralized blockchain. It is a platform that helps content creators monetize their efforts..on top of that, you control your data!

If the question goes about the uDoo token, from investor point of view, a passive earning opportunity is currently being built and launches next week.
4 Feb: staking
8 Feb: Farming

We have the seed- and supernodes that give a 12% and 30% APY.

Take into consideration a deflationary tokenmodel and the blockchain that is focussed for high frequence mass adoption dapps..
I would call this an opportunity.

Q4. How does Howdoo make the social networking experience fairer, clearer and where users have full control of their information? With the new events that have happened with networks like WhatsApp, how does Howdoo ensure its users full transparency and data protection?

Ans — So there are two sides to this question, which I will answer..

From a personal perspective, the whole philosophy around Blockchain is the protection of ones information.. We uphold that 100%..

From a creators perspective, they have two major issues with todays Content delivery and Socials platforms.

1: They lose control of their content… Once you load a piece of content to one of the major platforms, you grant them a royalty free license to do whatever they want with that piece of content.. A USER may say, so what.. They can do what they want with a pic of my dog, but if you are a serious creator, this is a MAJOR PROBLEM… Any creator / influences, or even a general user that posts on the Hyprr platform owns 100% of their content, and Hyprr does not demand a royalty free license.. Its your content, only you can monetise..

In addition, most creators / influencers that do make money from Twitch or YouTube have NO CLUE as to HOW THEY HAVE MADE X amount of Money… Its a BLACK BOX… Whereas with Hyprr, as all transactions are over the blockchain, thay have complete insight into everything.. THIS IS WHAT EXCITES CREATORS.. For the first time in history, they have complete control of their creations and full transparency into their earnings.. Its a game changer..

Q5. May you explain the cost-per-acquisition mode for advertising and how it is more attractive for customers? How do you manage it to be profitable to the platform?

Ans — We worked with many global brands and 3rd party experts who run major digital campaigns. By performing targeted due diligence, we understand what is working and what isn’t . Its safe to say we will be providing what is in demand.

Regarding the point on being Profitable? While we are well capitalised (Hyprr, INC, HQ’d out of NY, has just raised funds with a post money valuation of $50m, and thats before we have launched.) we have a clear route to profit…. Our CMO, Jason, is releasing a video about this topic very soon, so I would kindly invite you over to our community channel to be informed immediately as soon as it is released.

Questions Asked by our BlockTalks Community Members during live Session to Howdoo/HYPRR Team!!

Q1. Hello Smart Howdoo, Do you have any plan to create and launching a card like credit card or visa in the future? So your client easier to use and lend from your platform?

Ans — Hyprr social media platform has signed up a multi billion dollar (US) partnership withj a financial institution for on- and off ramp transactions.

Currently we can not give away which institution as they want to come out with the news first.
They will make it possible to look towards Visa Debit cards for the Hyprr platform.

This is BIG… I wanted to release the news, but our partner wishes to release the news themselves… Very exciting..

Q2. NFT is in the hype today, what do you think of that? Are there any plans to release a limited edition NFT for your Howdoo platform?

Ans — GREAT question.. Howdoo will be launching NFT’s… This will mean that anyone on Hyprr will have the ability to issues NFTS… Our creators are HYPED.. about this… From a Hyprr standpoint, 100% we will issue limited addition NFT’s…..

Q3. How does the Howdoo design allow it to serve millions of active users without compromising the quality of the user experience?

Ans — Good questions.. I cannot go into too much, but our team which is over 30 and growing has substantial experience, so scaling will not be an issues.. At the end of the day, forget tech, its the end user experience that counts, and this is something we prioritise..

Q4. Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone know the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and investors to your project and keep them long term?

Ans — Deflationary tokenmodel + passive income would, in theory, make the token price grow.
This is something influencers, educators and promoters like.

We onboard 2–5 every week, based on the strategy we have at hand at that time.

A strategy is only a guideline to follow, sometimes we have to speed up the process and sometimes slow down to attract more from the current platforms.

Q5. Nowdays So many Rug Pulls and exit scam happening . How Users can trust #Howdoo/HYPRR project and how you are different from othersa?

Ans — Trust is something hard in this industry.
Putting your personal name and brand on the line in this industry is important.

The Howdoo team will be visible on the new website which is released on 28th february, further we will be doing video AMAs so you can basically verify us.

Where we are different?
A decentralized blockchain built for high frequency users and dapps that are looking for mass adoption. As far as I know, that does not exist yet.

Q6. What are your plans for rapid growth from a user perspective? How do you plan to keep new users on the Howdoo platform?

Ans — We have over 2500 influencers now that control over 450 fans.. At the end of the day CONTENT is king.. So if great content is on Hyprr, then the users will come… This is a key focus on mine…

Q7. How many partners does Hyprr currently have? In the future, which ones do you plan to work with? What is your market expansion strategy?

Ans — Great question!

Currently we have the multi billion $ financial institution signed. The release of that news, with details, is expected mid February.

Further we are brainstorming to partner up with Esports tournament hosting platforms to provide them a livestream platform, which is

Game developers, as facebook as a few, we are in talks with currently.
We are looking at dapperlabs, flow.

Q8. Why did you choose a project called HowDoo / Hyprr? Where do you get inspiration from?

Ans — I will be releasing a documentary on this very topic.. And of course, it will be broadcast on Hyprr… But its a very good question, and I will be pleased to explain everything.. Big thanks for giving me your time..

Q9. What kind of strategy did use to attract some investors? does HOWDOO($UDOO) have investors outside of crypto for now?

Ans — We have people that are interested, purely in the hyprr side.

We have over 2500 influencers now that control over 450m fans.. At the end of the day CONTENT is king.. So if great content is on Hyprr, then the users will come…

Hyprr supports the deflationary tokenmodel of Howdoo.

We have a very aggressive deflationary tokenmodel, more elaborated in articles which we release next week, that actually brings in buy back and burn.

So even non crypto people are directly involved for the good of the crypto people.

Q10. How is the uDoos token used? What’s the benefit holding uDoos tokens for a long term?

Ans — Delfationary tokenmodel + passive earning (nodes, farming, staking)

The nodes are required to keep the blockchain operational and our first dapp, hyprr, is deemed to be a success in terms of mass adoption!

Here are some important links of Howdoo/HYPRR👇
🌎 Website: /
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