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We recently hosted an AMA with Kamari, on May 30th at 11.00 AM UTC. Many of you might have participated or many of not. But we make sure no one missed out from the knowledge shared by Dov Marcus, COO of Kamari, Raymond Sze, Co-Founder of Kamari & Chris Cleverly CEO of Kamari. So here we are up with the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this blog post will be a saver & feeder of knowledge for them.

Introduction Questions Asked By Team BlockTalks!

Q1. Could you please introduce Kamari to our community in layman’s term?

Ans — Kamari is a two-pronged solution, consisting of the lightweight Kamari Wallet and a mobile application and web client for remittance. There’s also the KAMPAY token, which is set to launch via initial DEX offering (IDO) shortly.

The KAMPAY token is designed to act as a payment medium across all websites and apps in the KamPay network. In addition, it enables easy participation in national and pan-African lotteries, cross-border payments, permissionless lending and borrowing, and access to liquidity pools. As a BEP-20 token, KAMPAY will be lightning-fast and cheap, allowing users to go from token to fiat at thousands of local terminal partners.

Q2. What are the advantages of Kamari to other alternatives in the Blockchain field?

Ans — Using Kamari. We are able to stabilise exchange rates with the different countries in the region and along with that
have the ability to pool jackpots across Africa. Just like the American Powerball and EuroMillions some of you may be familiar with
In our launch country Cameroon alone, we are looking to engage 14m users within 6 months of launch
We are a project that believe that crypto usage is best served where we are addressing an issue for everyday use. A
lot of the users will not even feel the crypto element. Just that we have provide a faster cheaper and more liquid user experience.
We are not in the planning stages. We have our licenses already and now ready to go full steam ahead

We have developed our wallet with dok wallet which is already available on Googleplay and app store.

Our first lottery will be launch 1st August. We also have an initiative on trial for 50000 through our partnership with African grain and seed to provide
microfinancing to farmers
This project will expand after initial launch next month to over 1m users in Zimbabwe alone
It is a continent of over 1.4 BN individuals after all
We hope to not only make a difference to the speed of delivery but we will also be helping build the infrastructure
that will help the continent grow and develop.

Q3. What are the major milestones Kamari achieved so far & what are in the future pipeline?

Ans — I think the beginning of any project is always the hardest, These include travelling around all the different countries
to have meetings and discussions with people from all walks of life including heads of states to the farmers and
labourers we are assisting in their everyday lives.
We travelled the length and breadth of continent many times over
Met presidents, princes and businessmen
And worked and built businesses there ourselves from the ground up.
Obtain the licenses with our partners and developing the knowledge of cryptos in country proved challenging so it
took us a bit longer than even we expected. We have been around for a few years now developing our connections
and products and now we are ready to launch and take on the next exciting milestone of launching to a continent of
1.4bn people
It journey that will continue for a long time and we are excited to see how much more products and services we can bring
we are an organisation that thrives when faced with challenges and we have a strong and experienced team that can
deal with most of what comes up. In Crypto and in Africa, everyday is different and the challenges we face are

Kamari going forward, we are establishing multiple partnerships, which include telecoms companies, financial and insurance operations, lotteries
and farmer associations, we believe that the Kampay wallet will be widely distributed throughout the countries. We are addressing everyday needs for purchases, financial and entertainment. All to be done through the wallet interface
We believe that the biggest adoption of crypto will come when the user doesn’t even know or care whether they are using crypto or not. They are using our interface to address everyday needs
Our latest partnership is to build a crypto to fiat wallet with one of southern Africa’s most important payment gateways
This is a FIRST for AFRICA
Blockchain technology just makes the process faster, easier, more accessible, and cheaper!

Questions Asked on Twitter For Kamari Team!

Q1. African consumers and businesses are turning to cryptocurrencies compared to local currencies. But cryptocurrencies are banned in some countries of Africa. For example, Nigeria. How do these obstacles affect Kamari's work?

Ans — Kamari looks to work with local governments and regulatory bodies to help themselves setout the framework with which crypto currencies and regulatory bodies. Through our workings with our lottery partners. We can see that there is space to develop this and that most of the fear is from being exposed to an industry that is unknown. We will look to leverage our partners and relationships to achieve this.

Q2. Since Kamari's objective is to expand the adoption of the African market globally and help in its economic growth, I could see that they have extensions to the Caribbean. Which makes me wonder what interest Kamari would have in a country like Venezuela rich in oil and mining?

Ans — Kamari currently has no plans to expand in to Venezuela but olhave been focusing on other Latin American countries and liaising with some Carribbean authorites to explore the potential of having our wallet solutions and products.

Q3. I read in your Medium article that the Ugandan prince has joined your advisory team. This is very important support, but do you plan to include artists and influencers on your team to gain more recognition and adoption for your project?

Ans — We’re very pleased that our advisory team are very strong in their respective countries and beyond. We have a whole host of other ambassadors for kamari that we will be announcing in due course that include from academics, futurists sports stars and music artists. We are growing our ecosystem and open to partnerships and ambassadors from all sectors.

We at Kamari look to work with local governments and regulatory bodies to help themselves setout the framework with which crypto currencies and regulatory bodies. Through our workings with our lottery partners. We can see that there is space to develop this and that most of the fear is from being exposed to an industry that is unknown. We will look to leverage our partners and relationships to achieve this

Also our work is often on a developmental basis helping farmers and ordinary people achieve banking services they normally can’t have.

So governments work in partnership
With us.

Q4. For users without bank accounts, can Kamari Wallet provide all financial access and how is KamPay different from traditional payment systems like WorldPay or VISA?

Ans — Yes in Zimbabwe hyper inflation can run very high and in 2008 ran to nearly 100%. And out closed loop DeFi closed loop offering can solve these issues dramatically but back to KAMPAY.

As you know, hyper inflation is detrimental to the development of the people and has an adverse effect on the lives that they live. by using our ecosystem, users will be able to access a suite of products that can be utilised to minimise their exposure to local fiat currencies. We are also working with our local fiat to crypto partners that will cut vost and also provide a platform from where they can be involved with financial products and services from a low access point. This will empower the users to make their own decisions and have access to products that were once beyond reach
In Africa. A large number of the unbanked have access to mobile money. This is when their holdings are tied to their sim cards. By partnering with telecoms companies we will help them have access to financial products and services that just a mobile wallet cannot provide. We become the bridge between their wallets and the crypto world.

One of our local partners in Zimbabwe is Zympay.

With them we are creating a new payments cryptocurrency, marketed through lottery incentivisation, will be launching a DeFi platform in Zimbabwe with partners African Grain and Seed with an initial 50,000 farmers in Zimbabwe is testing a groundbreaking use case for microfinance and blockchain technology - reducing interest rates, allowing cross border payments and increasing food production in one of the worlds poorest countries. African Grain and Seed will roll out the KamPay solution to its 1 million farmers with the intention of impacting 10 million lives for the better.

KamPay has now agreed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate to enable fiat on and off boarding for Zimbabwean farmers and merchants with Zympay, a leading Southern African payments gateway. ZymPay’s platform is a robust and highly scalable bill processing, payment collection system. The system is built entirely on the Microsoft.NET technology stack, with the architecture based on industry best practices. It serves a remittance platform with innovative products between its customers and local Zimbabwean merchants including supermarkets and groceries.

Questions Asked by our BlockTalks Community Members during live Session to Kamari Team!!

Q1. Seeing that KAMPAY is silently gaining recognition in Cameron, having entered into a partnership with Cameroon Lottery License holder Verise Limited, what plans & partnerships do you have in place for the Nigerian audience? Is KAMPAY going global or just an African heritage?

Ans — Nigeria is of course important to us and we are in talks with a lottery provider and a telco in country now - Nigeria had to provide clearer guidance at central gov level however before we will expand there.
We are sure this will come soon

Nigeria had already shown it can be a global leader in crypto.

And second biggest BTC trading country in the world.

Q2. Where is Kamari road map now? Are all targets in accordance with the current road map? and what are the next steps that will be taken in the future?

Ans — We are ready to roll and first launch will be out initiative with African grain and seed which is a lending initiative with a pilot program to 50000 farmers with a view to be available to 1m farmers in Zimbabwe. Following that we will launch with our partners the first lottery in Cameroon in the summer. We look to expand into a new country every 2 month from there on in and have as many as 20 countries live in 18 months. Lots of exciting things and more partnerships coming in the roadmap. Keep following us to find every update.

Q3. Is Kamari setting up an office in Cameron country for meetings or discussions?

Ans — Yes. We will have local offices and teams in each of the juristiction to speed up growth and also expand our partnership reaches.
We are now a true global economy and we have our team based in over 10 countries already with more to follow I’m sure as we expand.

Q4. You are exclusively in BSC, but is it possible for you to expand to other blockchains to continue helping with green initiatives capturing all communities?

Ans — We believe that this is multi-currency universe and we are working with partners on Algorand, Cardano as well as Ether of course.

We are customer focused rather than focussed on speculation or even technology.

In the end the tokens that survive and thrive will be those that are focussed on distribution
Meeting needs and wants and likes.

KAMARI is focussed on this.

Q5. When is the launch of the coin? if it presales on june 3 do novice players need to be whitelisted? Or just for people who haven’t started betting tokens yet?

Ans — The presale for the token is on Bscstarter June 3rd the launchpad and you can be whitelisted now with a chance to win a whitelist spot with prizes. Follow our channels to find out more. Soon after launch we will begin trading on pancake swap but also will have our staking pools in operation. We look forward to your support.

Q6. What problems do you see occurring in the blockchain industry nowadays and how does your project aims to solve these problems?

Ans — DeFi is an enormous opportunity to replace TradFi with a much better more democratic pool of liquidity. But right now it is used mainly for yield speculation and little else
Crypto will continue to retrace until there is mass adoption. Our microfinance to farmers using our lotteries as an incentive to download KamPay and join our existence is that MASS ADOPTION use case for DeFi - we will be announcing our DeFi partners for insurance, financing, insurance and KYC:iD plus an amazing TradFi Fiat gateway.

We are ready to work hard do good and make our stakeholders rich.

Q7. What are the main thoughts you want to convey through AMA today? Can you tell us the biggest achievement of the Kamari project?

Ans — We would like to raise awareness of our project and how we have real products. Real partners and 7 national lottery partners for a truly mass distribution model. I think by getting true partnerships on board that can give us the best product offerings to our users. We can really make a change to the lives of millions by giving them access to what is important to then and not unjustly limited by either their spending power or the availability in country.

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