BlockTalks x MMAON AMA Transcript!

Hello! BlockTalkers & Blockchain Enthusiastic!

We recently hosted an AMA with MMAON, on March 19th at 01.00 PM UTC. Many of you might have participated or many of not. But we make sure no one missed out from the knowledge shared by Igor, CEO & Darren COO at MMAON, so here we are up with the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this blog post will be a saver & feeder of knowledge for them.

Introduction Questions Asked By Team BlockTalks

Q1. Could you please introduce MMAON to our community in layman’s term?

Ans —MMAON will connect fans, fighters, sponsors and organisations to build the biggest combat sports community on our own platform. MMAON will digitize the stadium and bring fans closer to the fight than ever before, making fans true insiders!

We recognise that fighters need to create additional revenue through activities outside of competition. Fighters can engage with fans through seminars, subscriptions, merchandise and Q&As as well as through traditional social media engagements.

Fighters also have issues reaching potential sponsors and organisations to further develop their career. MMAON will connect them easily to ensure all sides benefit from a more streamlined approach.

Fans will have more control, with fan-made matchmaking an innovative concept, where fans can match fights for upcoming events across the globe, ensuring fans feel a part of the process!

Q2. What are the advantages of MMAON to other alternatives in the Blockchain field?

Ans —There are a number of advantages. MMAON combines the best of the old school platforms with blockchain, taking full advantage of both. On the one hand token holders will benefit from revenue from the platform. As the platform grows in terms of organized fights, etc., MMAON will generate revenue which will be divided to fans as described in WP. There will also be staking options with attractive yields.

And on the other just like on traditional social media platforms, users of MMAON can quickly build up their own following and begin to provide their insight. These influencers currently exist at different levels of MMA, whether they be fans, journalists, commentators or former fighters… the same concept applies to MMAON!

Having ‘influencer status’ will lead to ways to connect influencers to sponsors, allow influencers to sell subscriptions, content and products through the platform.

Interacting in the community, attracting a large following and publishing content on the platform would attract a high ‘influencer score’. That score can then be used in our tokenomics model which is under development.

Q3. What are the major milestones MMAON achieved so far & what are in the future pipeline?

Ans —We are currently busy on multiple features. On the one hand we are busy working on the platform’s infrastructure, on its backend, which we can’t really describe as an achievement. On the other, we are busy building our advisory board where we have a number of achievements.

We started out by bringing 2x UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir and BRAVE president Mohammed Shahid on board, and we’ve now added UFC coach and ‘anyweight’ James Krause and UKMMA legend Brad Pickett, which is incredible as it gives us the depth we need to really make MMAON the platform and place for MMA fighters, fans, organizations and sponsors.

Our current efforts are aimed at building an up to date fighter database with all the relevant stats, which fighters will then be able to link to their profiles. This database will then provide added value to the fighters and organizations and incentivize them to join. Getting them on board then incentivizes fans to join growing our community.

As far as the expected applications: we will offer users access to our MMARKET where they can buy and sell things such as merch, training seminars/videos, sponsored gear, etc.. The platform will also offer ways to interact via DMs, statuses, sharing, news posts… which will finally bring the MMA community together in one place. Another application is the introduction of fan voting, donations and/or fight fundraising which offers MMA fans the ability to support their favorite fighters and fund fights they want to see. This will give the fans unprecedented power in the sport, bringing it up to a whole new level.

Another application which is very important for us all is PPV and on demand which will provide fans globally with the option to stream live and archived fights. That’ll mean that even new fans will be able to view the greatest matches from “back in the day” and will at the same time provide the organizers of those matches, and fighters, with an added revenue stream.

The upcoming events program is still in the works. One thing you will be able to see on the platform are the upcoming events from the organizations which are part of the platform and any upcoming events from the world of combat sports, from the UFC to kickboxing events from all four corners of the world.

Also, by giving fans the opportunity to vote on upcoming matches, and to fund them, they will finally be able to influence them, and not only view them!

Partnerships are crucial to the development of the platform! We are already happy to announce our partnership with BRAVE Combat Federation, one of the leading MMA promotions especially in the Middle East to join our existing partners WFC, an elite promotion from the Balkans.

We are currently in advanced talks with a number of combat sports promotions, from various disciplines from around the world to bring further content to MMAON. We have also already reached a number of fighters, including our advisory team to bring them to the platform, and get their feedback also!

Questions Asked on Twitter For MMAON Team!

Q1. You recently mentioned that MMAON made a groundbreaking partnership with “Brave Combat Federation”. What were the reasons for carrying out this association? What benefits will this partnership bring to fans and the MMAON platform?

Ans —The MMAON team highlighted a number of global MMA organisations to work with; and whilst in negotiation with a number of them, we’ve managed to secure a deal with BRAVE Combat Federation that will change the way fans interact with the promotion.

As part of the long-term partnership, BRAVE’s fight cards will be matched by fans using MMAON’s ‘fan matchmaking’ tool, an innovative new system that ensures fans get to influence the sport they love to watch!

BRAVE’s athletes will all have full profiles on MMAON, and benefit from the additional streams of revenue available to them through the platform, including but not limited to; donations, MMARKET and sponsorship introductions.

A truly global promotion means a truly global audience, with BRAVE’s events available to watch on MMAON PPV in selected territories.

These landmark announcements make MMAON the real one-stop shop for combat sports fans, especially the loyal BRAVE following, labelled as the #BRAVENation!

Long-time president of the Bahraini-based, globally-operated promotion Mohammed Shahid has already agreed to serve as an advisor to MMAON and ensure promotions and fighters continue to be represented at the highest level of the platform.

And like Darren already said, we’re in talks with multiple organizations to join us.

Q2. I’m a sports lover and web developer and really would like to participate on the beta testing of your program, is it already available? How can we take a look at the development prototype of your platform?

Ans —It’s great to hear your personal interest in the platform! It shows we’re appealing to our audience with our innovative modules and upcoming launch!

We’ll be certainly looking for a number of beta testers and being a fan of sports as well as skills in development is ideal!

Stay tuned to and our social media accounts for information on this! Also feel free to reach

Q3. MMAON fulfills the function of connecting fans, wrestlers, sponsors and organizations, but how will fans know about the existence of this medium so as not to miss any event? Do you have a marketing strategy to attract millions of fans and encourage them to use your platform?

Ans — We have an extensive marketing strategy, as well as a big focus on partnerships with promotions and sponsors. We’ve already secured some high profile names in the sport as advisors, such as 2x UFC champion Frank Mir, UKMMA legend Brad Pickett and current UFC fighter and coach James Krause.

Our extensive database to capture results, preview events and maintain a history of events. This will allow fans to check results, both historical and new as well as see which events are coming up, in different disciplines in different areas of the world.

Securing content for our platform in terms of fight archive, live events and pay-per-views is also key in attracting fans, and we believe in the strength of the platform to retain people and give a home to the combat sports community.

MMAON is here to make sure fans are aware of upcoming events, like nowhere else currently!

Q4. MMAON is a career accelerator for fighters and provides access to MMA organizations, fans and sponsors around the world. But how can fighters and organizations leverage MMAON to grow? Will the wrestlers, organizations and fans have to perform a respective “KYC”(Know your client)?

Ans — To answer the last bit first… YES. To use the platform in it’s full functionality, yes. We want to avoid fake accounts as much as possible, so KYC is very important to us.

Now to answer the first part, at least in brief — for more details please read our WP.

So, MMAON brings them together! For organizations this means they have access to a global network of fighters, allowing them to “scout” new prospects outside their traditional “hunting grounds”. That makes them more appealing to their fans, gives them scope, and allows them to broaden their base, which is good for growth.

And the reverse is true for fighters. MMAON gives them an instant audience, with the fans and with the potential organizers, driving their careers along faster.

Both fighters and organizations also benefit from our MMARKET and PPV options, both of which gives them an added revenue stream, which they can in turn use to grow.

Q5. Could you please tell us about the MMAON team, Its background and take us through the early days of creating MMAON ? What is the reason you are implementing the project?

Ans —Our team has decades of experience in combat sports, from fighters to promoters and most importantly as fans of the sport! We’ve worked with some of the biggest promotions in the globe, and some of the sport’s biggest stars across our careers! We also have an experienced development team that has worked with blockchain for a number of years as specialists in their field.

The idea, concept and birth of MMAON has been developed over years of operating in combat sports. Seeing the good things and the bad things has allowed us to develop a platform that will change the sport forever, for the better.

We know fighters deserve to be rewarded, so MMAON provides them all the tools to achieve this through our various modules, including but not limited to; donations, MMARKET and subscription services.

Without the fans, there is no community and fans need to see MMAON as a one stop shop for all things combat sports. MMAON will become a daily need for all fans to see news, upcoming fights, past results and latest updates from their favourite fighters, influencers and promotions.

We believe MMAON will change combat sports around the globe, to benefit all stakeholders. We will operate globally, as the sport is a truly global sport, transcending continents and communities… and we want to reach everybody!

Questions Asked by our BlockTalks Community Members during live Session to MMAON Team!!

Q1. Why Choosing probit exchange to launch MMA IEO? Any upcoming event related to probit exchange?

Ans — MMAON chose to work with ProBit as it’s one of the Top 20 crypto exchanges globally. Especially due to their experience, having successfully completed over 200 rounds of IEO, this is the proactive way.

We’re also working on being listed on some of the other top exchanges, but it’s Probit to start with

Q2. Those of us who are MMA Fans support this fighting sport in some way in a Tokenized way, what is the reason for MMNAO to tokenize and bring the sport to the blockchain, how do decisions in the market of this token influence with this organism?

Ans — There are a number of reasons why we chose to combine a “classic” platform with blockchain…

First it’s part of the future, second it allows us to cut out the middle man, and make sure the fighters get their revenues instantly without undue costs. It also allows us to reward our users with parts of the revenue.

Q3. In MMmarket it is possible to buy with the $MMAON token and in a normal way dollars, isn’t your approach to be a decentralized marketplace? Adding centralized methods is usually a disadvantage as it exposes the platforms to hacks, why did you decide to do it this way?

Ans — We don’t plan to offer purchasing with dollars or other centralised methods as we’re passionate about our platform being decentralised!

The MMAON Token will remain the main method of payment on the platform!

Q4. What do you think is the biggest problem MMAON will solve which is not solved by other projects and why is the problem important to solve?

Ans — I think the biggest problem we will solve is connecting everybody in a way that benefits everybody. Drawing fans closers to fighters and organisations is key to making the fans feel valued.

Fans are often not connected to their teams, in football or baseball or others to the point of that connection wearing thinner and thinner over time… we want to draw the fans closer than ever!

Q5. Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to your project Because it is the success of a project to get more investors who are still not in the crypto world. What are the plans to increase awareness around your in non-crypto space?

Ans — Simply… not at this time. We’re not looking for non-crypto investors at this point and are not working on raising awarness in that segment. What we are focused on right now is raising awareness about us, about the platform in the hopes of attracting as many users from all segments, as fast as possible to make MMAON as relevant as possible, as fast as possible

Q6. Could you tell me a little bit about Your roadmap going forward, how do you plan onboarding users and gaining more adoption for Your project?

Ans — As we said, we’re already in talks with a number of organizations, and some of the biggest fighters in the MMA world. That’ll help us attract more and more users from all sides of the platform and help us grow further.

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BlockTalks is all about Blockchains & Crypto. We do discussions about new Blockchain projects, the innovations & such more.