BlockTalks x CorionX AMA Transcript!

Introduction Questions Asked By BlockTalks

Q1. Can you introduce yourself?
What you did before crypto, and how you got into crypto?

with Eyal Hertzog from Bancor protocol at Crypto Investor Show
with Brock Pierce a great crypto Pioneer in TelAviv
Brock now is a president candidate in the US
speaker at Finwise conference in China, invited by Eric Gu
with Nick Szabo and Pablo Coirolo at Blockchai Budapest
The team with Michael Terpin and the round table members at CMS Tokenized Assets , was sponsored by Corion Foundation and Huobi
with Nicholas Merten DataDash & DigiFox at DeltaSummit
With Vesto team in Germany
Sponsor and funding member of the Global Stablecoin Association
We love the Korean crypto spirit
  • We are continuously working on forming partnerships and settling white label services (crypto saving & lending, wallets, merchants ) to allow to CorionX user community to use these infrastructures at more favourable conditions. We proudly announced several new partnerships recently.
  • The team and community recruits merchants to accept stablecoins and they will be able to discuss cashback promotions in CorionX.
  • Service providers and merchants accepting stablecoins will be motivated to use CorionX for promotions and cashbacks to encourage stablecoin payments, usage within their consumers.
  • The main focus of CorionX is: to educate people to understand stablecoins, CBDCs, DeFi and programmable cryptocurrencies better and show how they can be beneficial in our everyday financial life and how the stablecoin and crypto world is developing globally. Fix amount of CorionX utility token is designed to reward contributors of the #MoneyInTheRightDirection and Stablecoin Movement and activate merchants and users to engage.
  • We are running different campaign programs to help the awareness of the #MoneyInTheRightDirection movement. The success of the campaign will be measured by the number of daily stablecoin users. CorionX holders get benefits and special access to participate in the campaign programs:
    - Content program
    - Event program
    - Social media program
    - Ambassador program
    - Partner program
    - Merchant program
    - Institution program
    - Finance, sponsorship program
    - Market Analysis and Research program
  • CorionX is used for bounties to increase the number of community members and their stablecoin/cryptocurrency usage. The goal of the bounties is educating, creating content, doing marketing, sharing in social media and joining specific groups.
  • Stablecoin and cryptocurrency projects, industry stakeholders and institutions can use the CorionX utility token in order to access the services (for example scoring) they get from us.
  • CorionX can be used to pay membership fees and other service fees of CorionX and Corion Foundation infrastructure in CorionX.
  • The token distribution has been started in 2019 to early supporters and community members and now we are launching an IEO on ProBit Exchange.

Questions Asked on Twitter For CorionX!

Q1. There are three common core issues in technology today: scalability, security and
interoperability, speed and privacy. So, how will CorionX solve these problems?

  1. Whitelabel and partner integrations. With providing different popular whitelabel and partner solutions with education our main goal is to form a mainstream adoption.
  2. Mainstream community where newcomers can start their journey and explore benefits through practical usage. Furthermore our long term vision is the mainstream adoption of crypto and stable assets. The mainstream adoption will be able to generate real long term demand instead of pump and dump trading.

Questions Asked by our BlockTalks Community Members during live Session for the CorionX team!

Q1. What is the core difference between $CORNX and the other hundreds of stablecoins that currently exist? Is $CORNX pegged 1–1 to dollar? How do you create value for $CORNX?



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