BlockTalks x Stars To Heal AMA Transcript!

We recently hosted an AMA with Stars To Heal, on January 5th at 2 PM UTC. Many of you might have participated or many of not. But we make sure no one missed out from the knowledge shared by Max Burgio, CEO at Stars To Heal So here we are up with the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this blog post will be a saver & feeder of knowledge for them.

Introduction Questions Asked By Team BlockTalks!

Q1. Could you please introduce Stars To Heal to our community in layman’s term?

Ans — There’s a lot of people in dire need of help, and there are celebrities/philanthropists who are willing to offer this help and are looking for ways to raise funds for their favored charitable institutions. But then people are often hesitant to donate to charity funds — they are not sure about where their money would go.

Stars to Heal has come up with an idea to provide a blockchain-powered lottery platform and use this to bring goodness to those who need it most in a secure, transparent, trustworthy, feasible and in the most efficient manner. Stars to Heal aims to transform the traditional charity fundraising experience by creating an engaging way for the stars and their fans to work together for social and environmental impact.

Q2. What are the advantages of Stars To Heal to the other alternatives in the Blockchain field?

Ans — Stars to Heal is building a financially sustainable ecosystem that will support the world of philanthropy. Stars to Heal achieves this using a blockchain-based platform that uses a token called $STARS which is used in a lottery game along with other lucrative DeFi features in the Stars to Heal ecosystem.

Q3. What are the major milestones Stars To Heal achieved so far & what are in the future pipeline?

Ans — Right now, we are getting the project off the ground. I think having the team and being able to work alongside the StrongNode team and advisors and meeting our investors indicated a great start for us.

We are looking to have our IDO launch and $STARS token sale around Q2 of 2022. In line with this, we are in the process of reviewing our litepaper and whitepaper which will be published on our website soon. The Stars to Heal official website is being updated with the latest version coming out this Q1 of 2022.

Questions Asked on Twitter For Stars To Heal Team!

Q1. Stars to Heal supports worthy causes and charities around the world. What are the main regions of the world where you hope to focus the help your project hopes to provide? Do you have a particular region of the world in your sights?

Ans — As of now, we are not targeting any specific beneficiaries nor are we focusing on certain regions of the world that we hope would benefit from our endeavors. Initially, our plan is to let the celebrity/sports athlete/iconic philanthropist choose which charitable institutions or advocacies they would like to support.

Q2. There aren’t many projects in the world that make an effort to support charities. In this sense, you are raising awareness for a great charity mission. Will you invite famous names to work together on your project to raise awareness?

Ans — Definitely, yes, we will invite famous names to work with us and raise awareness for a worthy cause. That’s precisely the reason why we are called “Stars to Heal,” we can work hand in hand with celebrities who need a platform that will support good causes. We have been approached by a huge list of stars in the music industry thanks to our board member, famous entertainment lawyer Paul Schindler, who has been involved with the most famous music icons and record companies for the last 40 years of his successful career.

Meanwhile, we are having in our board as Ambassadors an icon of the fashion world, Eva Cavalli and sports icon Boris Becker who will reach out to their fellow fashion and sport stars to gain their charities on board. We also reached out the interest of the Italian soccer team called AC Milan with whom we are looking to work with a sponsorship. Soon, we will launch our fundraising campaigns. Also my dear friend, the actor Mickey Rourke is looking forward to supporting fundraising for animal welfare.

Q3. You mentioned that StarstoHeal is the future of digital celebrity fundraising and philanthropy. In a broken world seeking help. So, who will be the recipients of StarstoHeal’s charitable donations? What countries will they donate to, and how much will they give?

Ans — Stars to Heal’s role is to provide a fundraising platform for celebrities and sports icons to raise funds for their chosen charities and advocacies. Ultimately, the stars/celebrities are the ones who will choose the beneficiaries.

Q4. StartoHeal has a mission that aims to charity help heal the world, since this is a charity goal, what percentage of startoheal’s profit do dev and team take? Is it possible that 100% of the profits will be distributed to charity?

Ans — At Stars to Heal, we wanted to transform the traditional charity fundraising experience by creating an engaging way for the stars and the fans to work together for doing good and supporting charitable causes with the help of innovation like blockchain technology.

It is possible to have the 100% of the total profits be distributed to charity since lotto winners will have the option to do it. They can also choose to give back just a portion or half of their winnings.

The Stars to Heal dev and team will not be taking any portion from the funds raised in the lottery that is intended for charitable organizations. We are here to connect the stars and fans to engage and serve the causes they wanted to support.

Q5. I understand that being holders of your $ Stars tokens we can participate in lotteries and win great prizes, but really the focus of this project is not to support charities? If so, then why use these lotteries to benefit users before those most in need?

Ans — While Stars to Heal is intended primarily to provide celebrities/sports icons/philanthropists with a blockchain-powered lottery platform to raise funds for worthy causes, our business model allows all participants — the celebrities, the fans/donors who will support the fundraising campaign, and the charities to “win”. By allowing donors to participate in the lotteries and other innovative compound wealth creation such as staking, etc, they get to earn and their money grow. This will further incentivize them (donors) to give more and which potentially will help more beneficiaries.

Questions Asked by our BlockTalks Community Members during live Session to Team!!

Q1. As far as I could read Stars to Heal is a pun project incubated by Tkyo Labs and developed by Strongnode. Can you tell us a little bit then about the core team’s relationship with these companies? Why did you decide to partner with them for building a donation and charity project like this?

Ans — Hello , we decided to partner up with Strongnode by the past summer to drive our crypto department and blockchain technologies , which are built-in from IBM , thanks their high expertise team and partners in the field .

Q2. We can incentivize celebrities to invest but how do we ensure that it is the same celebrity who is doing the entire payment process. the money does not come from money laundering?

Ans — We have our own KYC services through StrongNodeID and many of our relationships are based on pre-existing connections to celebrities and charities. Our KYC process has AML and PEP services included, so compliance, transparency, and security are important aspects of the project. It’s about due diligence and ensuring we take a professional approach to onboarding projects. That is a core aspect of how we do business with StrongNode and that will apply to Stars to Heal as well.

Q3. I understand that your project wants to be a charity platform and help other people but could you tell me about what will be your first plans in the charitable field? Do you plan to make physical and digital events to attract new people to help others?

Ans — Part of our marketing strategy across the StrongNode ecosystem includes hosting virtual and physical events. Each of the projects we accept into the innovation lab environment enables us to reach further and further into the crypto and non-crypto users bases. OGLife, the first incubated project from StrongNode will be at events like PAX, E3, Dreamhack, etc. so our reach will go beyond the crypto space and into the physical world.

Q4. I understand that they seek to associate the biggest celebrities and sports teams with social actions through the blockchain, but really why do it through the lottery? Would this “lottery” system be used to choose which charity to support? or does the lottery have another use?

Ans — One of the issues with DeFi and governance that is emerging in the space is that those with the most always win. It’s that way with staking and most DAOs, so a lottery gives access and opportunity to win. Now that we’re seeing more variety in governance and rewards systems, a lottery just makes sense. While those who participate through various methods like staking and buying more will have a greater chance, there is still a consideration for those who are not able to whale into rewards. The goal is to make it fair and accessible.

Q5. Stars To Heal will have a lottery system so I would like to know more about the mechanics of your lottery? How secure, transparent and fair will your lottery be? What rewards will be available to users who participate in these events?

Ans — StarsToHeal will have a lottery game called Luckypot only for our token holder and it will be monitor and drove from Strongnode team by Blockchain transparency..meanwhile by stage 2 we ll launch a multi millionaire lottery system called LottoStars which will be drove from an well-known international lottery management company called Gitech .. all transactions will be also by Blockchain..meanwhile token holder could participate to LottoStars too by donating to one of StarsToHeal campaigns …meanwhile token holders will receive an extra tickets than the other donors ..

Here are some important links of Stars To Heal👇🏻

⦿ Website ⦿ Twitter ⦿ Telegram ⦿ Medium




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BlockTalks is all about Blockchains & Crypto. We do discussions about new Blockchain projects, the innovations & such more.

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