BlockTalks x VOID AMA Transcript!

We recently hosted an AMA with VOID, on January 31st at 2 PM UTC. Many of you might have participated or many of not. But we make sure no one missed out from the knowledge shared by Rumel, Founder & CEO at VOID. So here we are up with the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this blog post will be a saver & feeder of knowledge for them.

Introduction Questions Asked By Team BlockTalks!

Q1. Could you please introduce Void to our community in layman’s term?

Ans — VOID is a play2earn game with a huge focus on character customization. It is built on Unreal Engine and runs on Solana.

Basically, VOID is a computer game, where you can earn money while playing.

It is a third person shooter. including multiplayer campaign modes and pvp content.

Q2. What are the advantages of Void to the other alternatives in the Blockchain field?

Ans — First of all, we are not building another Tamagotchi game ;)
We are creating a game that “real” players actually enjoy playing, where earning is an incentive.

VOID is a fast-paced competitive multiplayer game. You cannot play this game on a mobile phone while waiting for the bus at a bus stop. You need a pc or laptop and spend some time playing to increase your skills.

Items you find in the game like armor and weapons are NFTs and can be equipped onto your character, to stand out and look unique, or Items can be traded or sold in the intake marketplace.

Also, you can take your character and walk into arenas to watch other players fight.

Q3. What are the major milestones Void achieved so far & what are in the future pipeline?

Ans — One of them was getting oversubscribed in just a few days. That was mind-blowing.

Another milestone was having experienced partners onboard like Network, Shima Capital, Antifund, and Genblock just to name a few.

The IDO was very successful as well, where we sold-out in minutes on 4 different launchpads.

Coming up next is TGE, hopefully, on the 26th of February.
Then the release of the mini-game in a couple of months and of course the BETA testing.

Questions Asked on Twitter For VOID Team!

Q1. At Void Game we can Earn in several ways, "Fight to Earn, Quest to Earn, Collect to Earn, Buuld to Earn, HostFights To Earn, Stake To Earn". Can you explain what is the difference between each Earning mechanism? How to start and how to proceed?

Ans — The differences are the modes you play on. You can earn in ranked multiplayer matches or build and sell the items you find in the campaign mode.
You can earn as well just by providing an arena for other players to fight in.

You start by purchasing a character and start playing. I recommend starting with the campaign to familiarise yourself with the controls.

Q2. Void is an online game and a big focus of the game is the customization of your character. With which characteristics could the VOID characters be customized? Where can these items be purchased? Will each player be able to market their customization items?

Ans — You can customize your character with different types of gear, like helmets, gloves, pants, and shoes. Your character’s appearance will change significantly when you complete the whole set.
And the decisions that you make in the game also change the look of your character.

You can either find and build these items while playing the game or purchase them in the marketplace.

Q3. Is the VOID primarily aimed at gamers? What about users who aren't gamers? Can they earn money even if they don't play your game? Is it possible for investors to earn long-term returns by holding $VOID tokens?

Ans — Yes, we are creating a game for gamers. But users who are not into gaming can earn as well. All they need is an arena, and they can earn as other players fight in them. Or they can invest in the token and profit of that.

We are rewarding long-term holders with limited Genesis NFTs. This NFT has awesome perks like exclusive armor sets for your character, early access and discounts to upcoming NFT releases, the chance to test the BETA, and more. All you have to do is hold at least $200 worth of Void tokens at TGE for at least 100 days.

Q4. Usually,as a P2E game hits success,the token price and hence the entry cost to the new players are also raised. So,How can Void solve this issue of the entry fee to the late comers? Also,what are the minimum requirements to start playing the game?& How do we get them?

Ans — All you need to do is purchase a “basic” character and you can start playing.

The price of a character isn’t defined yet. But it will be affordable and will not increase regardless of how the token performs.

Q5. In the game, we can choose to be a spectator, host, cast, or player. Could you please provide more information about these roles? Will VOID also be a good option for those who don't like gaming?

Ans — As a spectator, you can take your character into arenas and watch other players fight. Just like watching a soccer match together with your friends.

you can provide your arena and earn as you host fights in it. I always compare arenas to casinos

As an arena holder, you can invite users to commentate on events.

And of course, you can earn as a player by playing PVP or PvE.

Questions Asked by our BlockTalks Community Members during live Session to VOID Team!!

Q1. Is your project a community only for English speaking an countries or for users not of other languages?

Ans — At the moment the main language used is English. But we have KOLs all around the world who help to reach non-English speaking audiences. Depending on the success of the game we will translate it into different languages in future updates.

Q2. Will there be special equipment required for players to start playing?

What level skill-set would the average player need to have to begin with?

Ans — All you need is a basic character, to begin with. You can start leveling your character by playing the campaign or multiplayer. Even though you can buy NFTs to boost your characters' stats, you still have to learn how to play and be skillful to win. It’s definitely not pay to win.

Q3. What are the benefits of being an NFT VOID holder and how can I whitelist the $VOID Genesis NFT?

Ans — We actually do have a Genesis giveaway on our discord at the moment. All you have to do there is join, invite at least 3 friends and engage in conversations.
All instructions can be found in our discord.

Q4. Can you share your social media links so we can keep ourselves updated?

Ans — Here are all our socials:

Q5. According with your documents your token supply of $VOID will be 200M, but can you give us an overview about the usages and token distribution of the $VOID?

Ans — If to go into detail, 15% of tokens will contribute to the game mechanics, enabling end-users to earn substantially playing VOID. Noteworthy here is the fact that this represents allocation to a single aspect, underlining the ecosystem’s community-oriented nature.

35% of tokens will be utilized for fundraising, aiming to raise $1,300,000 at a per-token price of $0.050 for Seed Sale (13% of tokens), $1,540,000 at $0.070 per token for Strategic Sale (11% of tokens), and $1,760,000 at $0.080 per token for Private Sale (11% of tokens as well).

12,5% of tokens will be distributed as staking rewards, thus returning to the users’ community indirectly and facilitating passive income.

17% of tokens will serve to remunerate the team and advisors' efforts.

5% of tokens will remain in the ecosystem’s treasury, for meeting contingent costs.

6,5% of tokens will go towards infusing liquidity into various centralized crypto-exchanges (5%) and providing liquidity to various decentralized exchange protocols to ensure trades with minimal slippage (1,5%).

4,5% of tokens will be used for developing the ecosystem further and marketing for wider adoption.

3,5% of tokens will come into circulation through the project’s IDO, fostering direct participation by retail and institutional investors alike.

Finally, 1% of tokens will reward early adopters, going to them for free through phased airdrops.

Further information is presented on this image:*vGOTip3kaiTtPA4nQ1G0bQ.png

To know more about the project, read our pitch deck and in-depth whitepaper.

Pitch deck:


Q6. Could you please me that how many chains does this platform runs ?
Have you planning to increase these number of chains?

Ans — We are focusing on Solana for now. Who knows where the future brings us.

Q7. Many gaming projects come and go suddenly, They just want to make money out of Gamers. What is VOID doing to stay in the gaming field for long time?

Ans — We are focusing on gamers. so, people who actually enjoy playing games regardless of they earn or not. After the initial release of the game, we will continue to provide more content like seasons, maps, gear and NFTs to keep you busy.

Q8. As We all know that many Blockchains Games are very tough to play for the traditional gamers, so is VOID GAME is easy to play even for the non blockchains users or traditional Users?

Ans — We want to make onboarding the traditional gamers as easy as possible.
That is why we are creating the mini-game. It will not be a mobile version of the final game, but more like an introduction to the final game, where you can send your character to quests but which also serves as a wallet.
Non crypto users will be able to set up a wallet with just a few clicks.

Q9. Can you share the team background?

Ans — The team includes game designers/developers, hardcore blockchain devs and marketing pros. Aside from the core team we have great minds on the advisory board.

Our CTO Francisco is focused on projects that can impact people’s lives and thirst for challenges. He basically distributed systems architect by day, and been social entrepreneur by night.

Head of Development Ismael has a degree in Computer Science and over 15 years of experience in game design and the development and implementation of complex software systems.

Creative director Lianel is a partner of the design- and marketing-agency “Evolve”, supporting the project with creative direction, marketing and advertising services.

Game design mentor Flurin is experienced game designer, Co-Founder of “Struckd” and member of the Forbes U30 Entrepreneur list (DACH) in the category “Tech”.

We have many other members that are worth mentioning, have a look at our website

Q10. What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2022? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

Ans — I would say, building a bigger community, finishing the game and having fun doing it.

Here are some important links of VOID👇🏻

⦿ Website ⦿ Twitter ⦿ Telegram ⦿ Blog



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