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We recently hosted an AMA with Volt Inu, on April 17th at 3 PM UTC. Many of you might have participated or many of not. But we make sure no one missed out from the knowledge shared by Voltoshi . So here we are up with the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this blog post will be a saver & feeder of knowledge for them.

Introduction Questions Asked By Team BlockTalks!

Q1. Could you please introduce Volt Inu to our community in layman’s terms?

Ans —Volt’s concept is pretty simple! The aim is to combine the positive aspects of a meme coin with those of a FaaS project. Both have many benefits and the combination of these 2 aspects is what’s making Volt so Voltish!

Many people see meme coins as tokens without utility. Although this may have been true at some point in the past, most of the meme coins we see today have a lot of utilities! Sometimes even more than some supposed “legit” altcoins. But the most important aspect of meme coins for us is their ability to gather communities around a same goal and this is what Volt is all about! THE COMMUNITY! All the rest is built around that.

Q2. What are the advantages of Volt Inu to the other alternatives in the Blockchain field?

Ans — I could speak hours about our utilities, our achievements, our CEX listings, our treasury, our game, the endorsements we got, our hyper-deflationary tokenomics… and the list goes on! Lol

But I’ll keep it simple and real! Our biggest advantage and biggest strength is our community! You may think it’s just a random answer but it isn’t! Our community is not only a pretty big one (with 32+ holders), but it is also one of the most proactive, active, open-minded and welcoming community I have ever seen and been proud to be part of!

Q3. What are the major milestones Volt Inu achieved so far & what are in the future pipeline?

Ans —Regarding the major milestones we achieved, I’d mention our 6 CEX listings, the 2 chains we are active on (ETH & BSC), our P2E game, the supply we burned so far and of course the community we have built in a bit less than 4 months!

The latest achievement we just completed yesterday is our successful migration to a V2 which allowed us to remove 9 price decimals (or zeros if you prefer). This migration will mainly allow us to list on more and bigger CEXs.

What you can expect in the near future is exactly what I just mentioned! More CEXs! Over the last few days, we have signed 9 agreements with different exchanges that will all list us within the next 2–3 weeks! Besides these CEX listings, what you can also expect in the very near future (a matter of days/weeks) is the launch of our own NFT collection as well as our fiat gateway allowing people to directly buy VOLT with their VISA or Mastercard! This is pretty much it for what I’m allowed to say as of today! But our community already knows there are also many partnerships (the most exciting one with a project starting with an S) that will be announced as well as a new audit of our smart contracts by a reputable audit company!

Questions Asked on Twitter for Volt Inu Team!!

Q1. I understand that Volt Inu ($VOLT) is a hyperdeflationary token whose purpose is to invest in multiple asset classes. Does it mean that when a user invests in his VOLT token he would be investing in multiple assets as well? What are the assets that are linked to your currency? Why this is the main purpose of your token?

Ans — Since the profits made on the assets held by the treasury are then used to buyback and burn VOLT tokens you indirectly also get exposure to these assets.

As of today, the assets held by our treasury mainly include NFTs but we also own several altcoins as well as a few nodes.

An asset/strategy we still have to add to our treasury is the staking/farming of stablecoins. But currently it doesn’t really make sense to sell our main asset (Ethereum) while the market is still close to the bottom of the last few months.

Q2. Reading about Volt Inu I noticed that they have plans to develop different products in order to make the token and its ecosystem useful. But have you been able to develop any product so far? If so, can you tell us about that product, its importance and usefulness in your project?

Ans — Absolutely! We actually already released our P2E game which is aimed at welcoming every crypto community (or even non-crypto people) since there is a free mode as well as paid mode but none requiring to hold any VOLT. The aim of our game was always to bring more exposure to VOLT by welcoming every other project and community instead just focusing on ourselves

Q3. Volt Inu ($VOLT) is a highly deflationary token that continues to grow by using true deflationary techniques. But, many projects with deflationary strategies do not work, so can you tell us what are these deflationary techniques that will make them grow in the market?

Ans — You’re absolutely right! We saw many projects too much focused on deflationary strategies loosing their community at the end of the day because once there’s no more volume the deflationary strategies don’t work anymore! That’s why on our end the deflationary mechanisms are more like an additional feature/benefit of the project but the main focus is put on the community and the utilities

Q4. Something that I find curious about dog memecoins is that they usually have a story behind their entire brand. So, can you tell us if in the case of Volt Inu there is a story that the community needs to know about this dog? Why does the dog have a lightning bolt?

Ans — The idea behind the lightning bolt was to bring some high-voltage to the crypto space and we have already seen that this ⚡ symbol is getting used more by the day! If you want to learn about how VOLT and its ⚡ are slowly but surely becoming part of the culture have a look at the article we will release in the coming hours!

Q5. I have seen memecoins projects interact with each other and collaborate to grow their communities. So, has the Volt Inu team had among its future plans to work with other memecoins? If it is a possibility, tell us which community would you like to work and socialize with?

Ans — Absolutely! And the collaborations with other projects have always been one of our main goal! To date, we have already partnered/worked with several projects (not all of them are memecoins) like Everrise, CryptoCart and WolverInu.

Regarding the future partnerships I can’t name any names yet but I can tell you that one of the next ones coming really soon will be with a project everyone would wish to partner with (and I mentioned earlier it starts with an S) ;)

Questions Asked by our BlockTalks Community Members during live Session to Volt Inu Team!!

Q1. They used twitter to notify that the migration from VOLT V1 to V2 is over. But, could you explain why you decided to perform this migration? If some users could not perform the migration, there are no more opportunities to migrate the tokens?

Ans — There were several reasons why we performed this migration the main being to remove 9 price decimals in order to get listed on more CEXs.

Another reason was also to pave the way for our future DAO which wasn’t possible to be implemented with our previous smart contracts being renounced

Q2. IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

Ans — Our project is the exact opposite of being intended for an elite! What we tell to everyone every day in our community is that small investors even investing $10 or $20 are the ones who are keeping our project alive and building its foundations and that’s also one of the reasons why we listed on pancakeswap a few months ago to allow these smaller investors to join us!

Q3. I am interested to invest in your project. When and where can I buy your tokens?? Is it already listed exchanges..??

Ans — We are currently listed on several different DEXs (Everswap, Uniswap, Pancakeswap) and 6 different CEXs that you’ll find on our website:

As mentioned above, we have at least 9 new CEX listings coming in the next 2–3 weeks with 3 of them coming in the week starting tomorrow

Q4. After Shiba Inu success, Many Meme projects claimed to be the Competitor of Shiba Inu, Do you also think that you are the competitor of SHIBAINU?

Ans — We are not a Shiba Inu competitor! We aim to work with them to say the least

This goes for every other project as well! We don’t see anyone as a competitor, but always want to work with projects willing to do so

Q5. I’ve seen that $VOLT has deflationary techniques, but you have a huge current supply of coins. Can you tell us more about the mechanism by which you will constantly control the circulating token supply of $VOLT? What benefits await $VOLT holders in the short and long term?

Ans — We actually just divided our supply by 1 billion to remove 9 price decimals!

On top of that, we also have several automatic burn mechanisms in place and are doing manual buybacks and burns from time to time!

Actually, since it’s Easter, I’ll reveal you our next manual buyback and burn that even our community doesn’t know about yet!

To celebrate our successful migration, we will perform a $100k buyback & burn on the chain that removes a zero first! And seeing how the chart has been going since yesterday it could eventually happen pretty soon.

Here are some important links of Volt Inu👇🏻

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