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We recently hosted an AMA with Vulcano, on February 23rd at 1 PM UTC. Many of you might have participated or many of not. But we make sure no one missed out from the knowledge shared by Francisco Ferro, Social Media Manager at Vulcano. So here we are up with the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this blog post will be a saver & feeder of knowledge for them.

Introduction Questions Asked By Team BlockTalks!

Q1. Could you please introduce Vulcano to our community in layman’s terms?

Ans — Vulcano is an NFT fighting game between two different factions. Light and Darkness. In the first instance, there will be two spheres that through fierce fights constantly will be seeking power. Its genre is a 3v3 fighting game where strategy is a primary focus within the game. Where each one of the players will design its own strategy to earn tokens in return. Afterward, we will evolve into our own metaverse, with access to different planets and galaxies!

Q2. What are the advantages of Vulcano to the other alternatives in the Blockchain field?

Ans — Vulcano differentiates itself from other alternatives by having a different approach regarding the user experience, where we have as a goal that each player truly has fun while being part of Vulcano and that its interest arises only by generating income. We also have a strong focus on the collectible aspect of the have whereby having exclusive NFTs, some of these will have a strong value in the market, as they have unique benefits and utilities. Our economic model is sustainable over time, where we will be implementing optional advertising revenue which will be used to make game improvements over time.

In addition, the game has a story behind it, whereas as time goes by it will be published, always following a common thread to the history of VULCANO. This generates an aggregate value that is not often seen in other play-to-earn games. It will always be related to the game’s miniseries, where VULCANO stands out, as it will be the first game to have its miniseries. Generating an eco-system of the project where different audiences can be a part of VULCANO, in the way they prefer the most.

Q3. What are the major milestones Vulcano achieved so far & what are in the future pipeline?

Ans — We´ve just finished our Gen-Zero NFT Pre-sale. Coming up next month, each NFT holder will be able to monetize their NFTs by NFT training and lending. Also coming up we will having our IDO launch. And after that the Pre-alpha version of the game, which is exclusive for Gen-Zero NFT holders ONLY!

Also in the meantime of the thing I´ve mentioned, we will be publishing teasers of our own mini-series!

Questions Asked on Twitter for Vulcano Team!!

Q1. I understood from reading your documentation that roles play an important role in the gameplay and player strategies. So, could you explain to us these roles that you have developed for players to apply in their strategies? Are these roles present in all your game modes?

Ans — Good question! Thanks, the roles in the game will be essential for each player to develop its strategy. This is a key aspect of our “play and earn” philosophy. Because the result of each game between two players depends on the strategy that each one of them uses, it can occur that a player has better NFTs (of a higher rarity) but if these aren´t used with a good strategy, won´t be beneficial. Having this said, with this aspect of the game we increase the competitiveness, rewarding the skill of the players.

Q2. I saw in the whitepaper that Vulcano will have 4 types of NFT namely Characters, Weapons, Lands, and Spaceships. Can you tell us more about each of these NFTs and their respective attributes? In addition, is it mandatory to have all these four NFTs before we Can play the game?

Ans — Of course, characters are the only NFTs that are mandatory to play the game. You will need 3 characters. But, if you attach a weapon to a character, its attributes will be enhanced. We strongly recommend battling with characters and weapons.

Lands will be key to rest more characters in your roster, as well as granting the possibility of capitalizing un-used spots through land lending at the very early stages of the project. Spaceships details will be announced in the future, but you will be needing them to explore new planets while traveling through our metaverse.

Q3. Vulcano is not your typical traditional NFT game, due to the ingenious idea of using external revenue from sponsorship and advertising. So, can you tell us about this innovative feature that other games have not presented? Would this help your economics in the long run?

Ans — What occurs with other NFT games, in its economic aspect is that they depend only on the entrance of new players constantly. But eventually, the rate at which the players enter the game will decrease, and if you rely only on that, it won´t be sustainable in the long run.

Vulcano is not a traditional NFT game, as it plans for external revenue from sponsorships and advertising. Games such as League of Legends or Clash of Clans raised millions through advertising. This will be optional and will give exclusive benefits to players who consume it. This will allow having a larger budget for expansions, upgrades, and sustaining the economy.

Q4. Characters will need a land to recharge their energy to be able to fight the next day, but will the game provide any free land or is it mandatory to buy one? How many characters can rest on a free land if they grant it?

Ans — When the game launches and you register with your faction (light or darkness), you will receive a non-NFT land for free, of three spots, where you can recharge the energies of your characters. The purchase of another land will increase the number of spots available for your characters resting. The number of spots available to rest in this additional land will depend on its rarity. The higher the rarity the more spots the land will have.

Q5. I read that in March, NFT holders will be able to train characters and lend their land/weapons for tokens in return. Can you explain in more detail about it? Is it when the NFT rarity is higher that more tokens can be obtained?

Ans — Yes, exactly, we will offer the possibility of obtaining tokens in return through the training of NFT characters and lending of lands or weapons. This will be an exclusive benefit for Gen-Zero NFT holders. As you mention when the NFT rarity is higher the rate that the user will have will be higher as well, nevertheless these will be reasonable and sustainable. We understand the issues that offering extremely beneficial rates has, which harms the project.

Questions Asked by our BlockTalks Community Members during live Session to Vulcano Team!!

Q1. I‘m interested in knowing more about the two factions in the game which are the Light and Darkness. Let’s say for instance I choose Light faction and later I feel like switching to Darkness, will it be possible or once a decision has been made that’s the final? Talking about Energies, I learnt that Characters will consume energy in order to fight,so how can this energy be recharged? Will it be free or it will require players to pay certain fee?

Ans — First question, a good one. When the game launch occurs you will need to decide from which faction you want to be part of. This decision may arise by evaluating which are the NFTs that you have in your roster or simply by the fact that you prefer one over the other (I am a dark side fan haha). If you want to change of faction you will be able to, but you will have to pay a fee in tokens.

In regards to the second question. The energies are recharged by resting the characters in their respective lands, there will not be a fee for the resting of the characters. If you have lands in your possession you can rest the characters as you like.

Q2. In your roadmap for Q3 2022, you mention the addition of new Vulcan characters. So, could you tell us who these characters are? What is the mission of these new characters in the game? How valuable and important will they be to play and win?

Ans — Hello, through the course of all the project we will be publishing the story of Vulcano. The characters of Q3 are yet to be revealed. Nevertheless, I will anticipate a brand new announcement we have for today. If you check out our website you will see that each character has its own story behind it. Transmitted in audio. Here is the link. Check out every single character!

Q3. Something that caught my attention is a feature called “Attrition” that will start to apply when the character has fought. So, this attrition what happens to NFTs characters would it be like a burnout system whereby the characters over time could no longer be used?

Ans — Yes, through time, the NFTs will have this burnout system you are mentioning, which will incentive players to keep updating their NFTs to play. But do not worry this will happen over long-periods of time. Always depending of how much you use the characters and its rarity. The higher the rarity the longer its attrition will be delayed.

Q4. I read that Vulcano is dedicating and investing a lot of money in terms of security and transparency in order to avoid any type of hacks and scams, but could you really detail what terms and security systems are being implemented to guarantee this?

Ans — Yes, for us transparency and security are the most important aspects in regards to ensuring them to our community. We´ve mentioned that we have already reached an agreement with the most important security and transparency company in the crypto ecosystem.

Well, we will make the official announcement today. Make sure you check out our social media today!

In regards to the systems, we will implement for these matters, we are working on the audit of the token so that we have it ready for our IDO, which will be done with Certik. And we will implement anti-bot and anti-whale systems so that the token launch is fair for everybody.

Q5. The story of Vulcano is quite entertaining and engaging, I wonder where the story comes from? Do you have any writer or screenwriter for this? Are the rumors that they will be creating a novel true? Where did you get the inspiration to create the story?

Ans — Yes, this is correct, we have a team of writers that are working non-stop to bring to the community a truly entertaining and engaging story. We as a team are very excited about this. And we are sure that our community is as well. The novel will be transmitted through out miniseries. It will be epic!

Q6. It says that while playing the game, players will have experience points. Can you outline to us some of the ways that these experience points can be used on the Vulcano platform?

Ans — Each player will gain experience points within its account, which will grant access to exclusive in-game benefits over time. Such as access to certain level tournaments. We have also plans to make a really competitive aspect about the game, with a real-time leaderboard. Offering rewards for escalating in it. Further details about this will be announced soon as the project progresses.

Q7. Talking about Weapons in your games. What are the attributes of weapons in the game ? Is it correct that weapons are optional in the Vulcano game, if weapon is optional, why is it necessary to hold a weapon

Ans — Weapons will enhance the characters ability. A character that does not have any weapon attached will have less powerful attributes in comparison to a character with one attached. It is not mandatory but we recommend it.

Q8. What is Vulcano’s community strategy? Does the community have the power and authority to influence the development of the project? Can you give an example of the decisions you made with the community?

Ans — Great question. Yes, one of the utilities that our token will have is the fact that it will be a governance token. What this means is that certain decisions about the project will be sent to the holders of the token to decide. This will generate a direct dynamic between the project and the community where we listen to the feedback that everyone makes about the project. So that we can improve it everyday. Currently we have´t done it yet, as the token hasn´t been listed. But after that we will do it.

Q9. What do you think about people who want to use your platform but they don’t usually play games? can they still earn?

Ans — Yes of course, by being a holder of NFTs you can access to the NFT Training and Lending. It will be a NFT staking procedure. Where by doing it you will receive tokens in return. Also by having lands, these can be rented to other players, this way you will have several options to earn without playing.

Q10. You present 3 types of NFTs and soon a 4th, which have 4 divisions: common, rare, legendary and mythical. Do the prices of each division vary? What is the approximate value of each? Will we be able to obtain them through a marketplace or only officially from Vulcano?

Ans — The higher the rarity the higher the price of the NFTs will be. As soon as we launch the marketplace we will announce the floor prices for each NFT. But I ensure you, that Legendary and Mythic NFTs are extremely rare, and if you have one of them you will have a great margin over the pre-sale price. The way you will obtain it is through our own marketplace. Not an external one.

Q11. Has an audit been done in Vulcano to improve the security of smart contracts? How will you make your platform more secure? Can you tell us about your security measures?

Ans — The token audit is in progress, it will be done with Certik. And as I mentioned earlier, today we will be announcing the company which we closed a deal of collaboration. Which is the number 1 in terms of security and transparency in the crypto ecosystem!

Q12. I understand that characters will have different attributes, and these attributes improve both their power and their market value. So what are these attributes? so the higher the rarity of the character, the better the attributes?

Ans — Yes, and each one of them have specific attributes in regard to its role in the game. For example Cassiopea and Lintang which are have the assassin role, characterize themselves as rapid and agile. While Orion and Izar which have the tank role, characterize for having a lot of health and can receive higher damages without being defeated. And as you mention the higher the rarity the stronger the attributes will be.

Q13. It caught my attention that Vulcano will be the first NFT game with its own cinematic miniseries, which will tell the story of its world and its characters, so could you tell us which miniseries you are referring to? and really the creator of this game is the same creator of the films?

Ans — We are developing our own miniseries. And there is a specific specialized team that is working non-stop to make it happen. Do not worry that the roles within Vulcano have been defined and structured accordingly. We are more that 60 people working on the project.

Q14. why trust your project?

Ans — In addition to all of the things I´ve already mentioned that differentiates ourselves from the rest, another strong aspect of our project is the team we have. With demonstrated experience in the field. All of our faces and information are completely public. Which in comparison with another projects which they never mention who is behind it, Vulcano offers trustworthiness in that aspect.

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