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We recently hosted an AMA with Zebec Protocol, on November 24th at 1.30 PM UTC. Many of you might have participated or many of not. But we make sure no one missed out from the knowledge shared by JJ Ortiz, Senior Business Development at Zebec Protocol So here we are up with the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this blog post will be a saver & feeder of knowledge for them.

Introduction Questions Asked By Team BlockTalks!

Q1. Could you please introduce Zebec Protocol to our community in layman’s terms?

Ans — Zebec is a multichain continuous settlement protocol. Those are fancy words for the “Streaming Finance” concept. People in the world do transactions instantly, but with Streaming Finance technology, it introduces the ability for transactions to be done on a per-second basis.

An example of this is payroll. Usually, people are paid every 2 weeks or every month. With Streaming Finance, people are able to get paid on a per-second basis instead of waiting for their paychecks every set period of time

They are also able to withdraw at any second.

Zebec is backed by some of the biggest investors and VCs in the game — including Coinbase Ventures, Circle, Shima Capital, OKX, Gemini, etc. Raised $40M in Series Funding rounds and is in the Solana and Binance ecosystems.

Q2. What are the advantages of Zebec Protocol to the other alternatives in the Blockchain field?

Ans —Zebec provides a whole ecosystem of products based on this technology, not just only a Streaming feature. For instance — we provide projects in the space with Multisig Safes, Token Vesting and Distribution Services, Payroll, we are releasing our Visa backed Debit Card at the end of this month in partnership with US Banks, and we are also Building our own Zebec Chain — a PoS blockchain that brings Streaming Finance to the forefront — for projects to build on top of this blockchain

People can actually buy nodes to be a part of this blockchain right now on our website. There have been 600 nodes sold already which is fantastic. The blockchain releases in Feb 2023

Q3. What are the major milestones Zebec Protocol achieved so far & what are in the future pipeline?

Ans — We have achieved a lot this year. Definitely started with the series funds rounds and having amazing backers. Also — we have had over 15,000 users of Zebec and over 250 projects use us in some shape way or form.

We officially recently moved to the BSC and expanded from Solana and now are a multichain solution. The partnership with Visa is about to finally drop so the cards are going to be out by the end of this year in EU and US. And we started developing our own blockchain. We are also looking into acquiring some payroll companies here in the states to get the Zebec footprint onto some Web2 companies.

Definitely have some more stuff on the way and you guys don’t wanna miss it!

Questions Asked on Twitter for Zebec Protocol Team!!

Q1. I read that in Zebec developers could Build with the Zebec protocol, but really in Zebec only payment algorithms will be programmed and built? Or will they also offer enough technology to create projects with other types of utilities?

Ans — Great question. So two ways Developers can build with Zebec protocol.

One — we have SDKs that companies can use to add some of our feats to their protocols using our tech. So if they wanted to add Streaming Payments or Multisig Safes for instance.

Two — our Zebec Chain is releasing in Feb 2023. This will be the best way to build using Zebec as our platform would be the best chain out there to build streaming finance protocols

Q2. There are currently many payment systems on the market, both centralized and decentralized. So, innovating in this area is a bit difficult. Based on this, can you tell us what are the innovations that Zebec is currently bringing to the payment systems market?

Ans — I think bringing Streaming Finance technology in general as the way to do payroll within the Web2 company is key. Also bringing it to Web3 companies as well as the default payment method for employes.

As mainstream adoption of crypto keeps progressing and more employees (young people and milenialls) want to be paid in cryptocurrency, crypto payroll solutions will be increasing. We want to be looked at as the main way of paying clients in Web2 and 3. People being able to be paid in USDC on a per-second basis and being able to withdraw at any time is insanely cool — talking by experience. It would suck to be back to being paid twice a month honestly

Q3. Both in the United States and in other parts of the world, salary payments are made twice a month or once a month and with your protocol a revolutionary change could be achieved. But, I would like to know how they will manage to change the mentality of this traditional sector?

Ans — Traditional sectors mindset will change as more demand increases for cryptocurrency and the adoption of it keeps increasing. We have seen how so many people in the past couple of years have learned (or heard) about cryptocurrency. Way more lets say than in 2017.

A few years from now and as time keeps going, old people will not be in charge they will be retired and the young people now will become old… and i do believe crypto currency will become mainstream at that point (or everybody just has to have some sort of knowledge of it like internet)

I think when this happens first, and demand goes up — crypto payroll systems will naturally start developing. And even legacy payment systems will have to provide solutions or reach out to companies that already do this to provide supply for the demand.

Q4. Regulatory complaints is key especially for projects that wants to offer payments solutions. What measures are in place to help ensure that Zebec Pay is compliant with various regulatory bodies? Do you have an operating license or how do business entrust their confidential information with you guys?

Ans — We comply (and will comply) with KYC for web2 companies that want to use our services now or in the future.

We want to work to make sure our system is the go to payroll solution out there in the Web2 world and that’s what we are trying to build and achieve

Q5. I could see that you give the option of withdrawing the Zebec balance to real world cash, could you explain to us the point that connects with the fiat world implemented in your platform and how accessible and fast are the transactions?

Ans — So right now we are working on integrating an off ramp solution from within our dapp. We actually have a partner already locked in that will help us with that and it’s a huge name in the fintech world. We will do that annoucnement Q1 of 2023.

For now, once you withdraw from your zebec account — the funds go to your Phantom or Metamask wallet. These can be sent to Coinbase or Binance to withdraw.

Questions Asked by our BlockTalks Community Members during live Session to Zebec Protocol Team!!

Q1. Do you have a (AUDIT) certificates of #zebec project ?

Ans — Yes — we have been audited by some of the biggest audit firms in the game — Certik, Trail of Bits and Bramah Systems

Q2. Can You talk about “Operation Horizon Whitelist “? Can You Talk about some of the Benefit if we Join it?

Ans — Operation Horizon is the codename for our Blockchain the Zebec Chain. It will launch Feb 2023.

People can go to and learn more. You can currently buy a node and a validator for transactions. Some of the benefits of owning a node include receiving 30% APY. And you can get more rewards by referring people

Q3. Can you explain what your Tokenomics distribution looks like? How many tokens will be minted? How many tokens will the team lock?

Ans —

You can learn more here

Q4. I read that you launched Zebec Debit Card, and pre-sale registration is complete. What are the main functions and benefits of the Zebec Debit Card? How to use it? And for now, where can the Zebec Debit Card be operated?

Ans — Card will be released in EU and US. People will have to use our Dapp at to load up the cards. This will be launching when our Virtual cards launch soon. The card works anywhere that a Visa and Mastercard card is accepted. You can load up your cards with USDC, USDT, ZBC and SOL

Q5. Can you explain how Zebec plans to support GameFi development? What kind of project plan do you have to combine DeFi and GameFi?

Ans — We currenty work with some Gamefi projects in the Solana Space; Metacrafters and Mirror World for example. Both amazing projects you guys should check out. We help them manage their treasury to keep it safe.

Q6. What plans do you have for new user and non crypto investor to attract towards your platform? what challenges do you see?

Ans — This is what the Debit Card is for. To attract people that arent really into crypto or in the fence of getting into it. It gives them a way to see crypto can be used in real life and it’s just another way of $. More “regular” people will be able to use crypto IRL

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