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3 min readAug 2, 2020


Crypto-currency is also known as the digital currency which has transformed itself over the years achieving maximum security and huge potential. Now, People can pay, accept, and even trade with Cryptocurrency. The study by Moscow based cybersecurity firm is that 19% of people in the world have purchased cryptocurrency.[1] People have started investing in crypto to get incredible returns & this currency can show wide changes in price over a short duration of time.

Cryptocurrency is a safer alternative than traditional investment solutions. When you deposit your money in the bank you start depending on bank & in worst cases, your bank can be robbed or couldn’t provide you with your own money when required. When you own cryptocurrency you stop relying on financial institutions for any financial need.

Many people who buy cryptocurrency use it as a medium of exchange or paying for a product or a service. They don’t indulge in trading to avoid the risk of losing, can simply stake their currency, and start earning. The world-leading platform OKEx is a one-stop platform where you can manage every exchange related to crypto. The platform helps users, who are holding spare crypto in their wallets to start earning money instantly. OKEx helps users deal with 44 types of cryptocurrencies& provides a user-friendly platform for a seamless experience.

Two types of plans are available with the OKEx

  1. Subscribe to Savings Account to Start Earning

If you have spare crypto in your wallet or want to start earning without trading than this scheme will work best for you. Deposit your spare cryptocurrencies inside your Savings Account or add crypto. The best part is that

  • No minimum deposit
  • Withdraw your crypto whenever required : Returns on Savings Account

2. Earn By Giving Loans To Other Customers (C2C)

If you have crypto in your wallet you can lend crypto to other customers who require a loan. There are specific interest rates and time of loan period for which you can give loans. No one can run away with your money because Bitcoin is kept as collateral & Tether (USDT) is given as loan currency.

Investors can use Tether (USDT) to earn passive income & borrowers can take on Tether (USDT) to work upon while keeping Bitcoin as collateral. The images represent real data from the official website & this promises better interest rates than many other financial institutions.OKEx ensures complete transparency and safety on its platform which makes every customer relaxed : Estimated Returns on Loan

These are the two basic options in which any user can enjoy benefit & generate passive income from spare cryptocurrency in OKExwallet.


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