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Hacken founded in 2017 with a group of cybersecurity experts; those have more than 50 years of experience collectively. After it started, within a short span, it served 200 Blockchain clients in the blockchain security industry.

It offers B2B services, some of them are HackenProof, Security Assessments, Blockchain Security Consulting, & CER — CryptoExchange Ranks.

HackenProof This service by Hacken serves as crowdsourced security. Its a bug bounty platform, which helps businesses to patch their leaked or unsecured digital assets, personal data of customers, their reputation, and more.

Security AssessmentsHacken does security assessments & provide solutions to enterprise business for outer cyber attacks and human-based loopholes.

Blockchain Security Assessments — In the Blockchain industry, Hacken does security assessments of the dApps, protocol, & technology review with the latest industry norms & team.

HackenAI something which incentivizes to learn good cybersecurity habits. Known as a 360° cybersecurity companion product. Hacken is more likely for B2B, but HackenAI is for more like normal users or end-users. Let’s see what it offers.

Cyber Boot Camp Its an educational course type program, where HackenAI teaches all latest & advance cybersecurity practices in a secure & gamified manner. This course contains six modules; each contains theoretical & practical exercises. After completing it, you will be rewarded with HAI token & cybersecurity expert status, isn’t it luring?

Password Manager Its a password manager feature with all advance technology to secure your password from hacks & exploits. But still many think, why do they need a password manager? Well, here is the story for you.

HackenAI Two Factor Authentication — This is something similar to Google Authenticator application. But HackenAI has the ability to backup data in secure storage. You can generate OTP for each login, which will secure all your online accounts from any exploitation and hacks.

Compromised Account Monitoring It’s a fantastic feature that sends your notification or alerts you when any online account is compromised. Data is checked by the date of compromise and the date of the last password change. If a difference of password source is unknown, then its a sign of compromise.

VPN serviceThis VPN service will only be available for HackenAI paid users, which is equipped with a lot of advance features. An only authorized users of the network will be able to watch & use the data. Also, it protects you from unwanted advertisements and snoopers that track you across the web.

There are many more services are being provided in HackenAI. Some of them are up & live in the HackenAI platform & few of them are on testing.

HackenAI team sole to audited & reviewed the VeChainThor blockchain. In terms of security, VeChainThor blockchain protocol stands separately as it uses POA (Proof of Authority) consensus, which is known as the most secure method to save the system from any attacks. Also, the enterprise-level adoption, technology & work ethics are top-notch in VeChainThor.

HAI is the sole token of HackenAI ecosystem; the user can pay their HackenAI subscription fee using HAI, while businesses use HAI to buy the B2B services and products Hacken provides.

HackenAI Roadmap!

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