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MXC is a digital currency trading platform, available for worldwide traders. MXC is registered in Singapore, & Singapore is where most of the crypto exchange is registered. This exchange is created by like-minded Wall Street, Japan, and Europe senior quantitative trading team and senior practitioners of blockchain through decentralized self-organization.


MXC Exchange lays the utmost importance on the protection of the user’s asset security. It builds a comprehensive security protection system by the integration of top-notch security technology, experts in the cybersecurity field and an elaborately designed security protection mechanism. In terms of technology, MXC Exchange developed hot and cold wallets in asset storage, as well as a three-party signature mechanism for asset protection, making assets in MXC Exchange is as safe as in the bank’s vault. It holds tight in user ID verification and emphasizes the protection of user’s privacy in case of asset loss from personal information leakage.

MXC Advantages

  • Safe and stable: the platform has multi-layer and multi-cluster system architecture.
  • High performance: up to 1.4 million singes/second high performance.
  • High Liquidity: Rich resources and numerous partners provide liquidity to the platform.
  • Multi-lingual support: it provides a wide of mainstream language support worldwide.
  • Multicurrency support: the platform supports various mainstream cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

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