Recent MXC SpaceM Project JST HIT 20x!

MXC announced SpaceM feature to list new projects/tokens in the list a few months back. In SpaceM MXC provides a wide number of users, traffic and ecosystem services of MXC, allowing blockchain projects to have great potential.

As per MXC statement “SpaceM is essentially an optimized listing model, an innovation for the marketing of projects.” The first project to get listed in MXC under SpaceM is JUSTNetwork (JUS). But as in last time for MXC MDay, this time BlockTalks join hand with MXC as Community Partner to promote 2nd MXC SpcaeM, and the project is listed this time is JUST. Let’s know a little bit more about JUST project.

JUST — Available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

JUST is build on the top of TRON Network, which has the largest decentralized application ecosystem & aims to provide end-to-use fair financial services for the better transparent financial ecosystem. Users can mint stable coin USDJ by depositing TRX assets as collateral in a smart contract. Project is governed by JUST community members based on the number of JST they hold.

We started to promote MXC SpaceM (JST) before a week. We created the below image to aware people about how to join MXC SpaceM. Take a look.

The rules for participating in each SpaceM might change time to time but not a significant part. MXC share a detailed blog about the participation details in their channel, so follow them now Telegram here.

If you are holding MX tokens for a minimum of 30 days then you will get tickets, the specific number of ticket breakdown per amount of tokens is below.

If you are looking to get the ticket from 2nd possible way, then you can do it with the minimum fund (500–00$) by rotating it multiple times. The best fact is MXC reduced to 0.16%. Below you can check how many tickets you can get for how many volumes of trade.

But the only condition here is user needs to trade BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH, LTC, TRX, XRP, BSV, ETC, DASH are all in USDT pairs, but later MXC added TRX pair too.

Draw Results for MX Token Holder Round and Major Crypto Trading Round of the 2nd SpaceM — JST Token Sale.

The ticket claim for MXC 2nd session SpaceM — MX token holder round and major crypto trading round concluded at 20:00 (UTC+8), May 5. The results of draw are shown below.

Wining numbers for MX holding round

Wining numbers for major crypto trading volume.

The ticket claim for MXC 2nd session SpaceM — MX token round and TRX round concluded at 19:00 (UTC+8), May 6. The results of draw are shown below.

Wining numbers for MX holding round

Wining numbers for TRX holding round

If you are lucky enough to win the tickets, you will get to sell your token at a high price after general listing. But MXC introduce the PUSH system under the OTC section. Please ensure you have enough MX or TRX balance for exchange of JST token you have won before the time thereof. Otherwise, it will be deemed that you give up the subscription by yourself.

What is PUSH?

PUSH is a feature that enables customer-to-customer transaction where the buyer can first release purchase order, while the seller can select the proper price released by the buyer to sell his positions. More detailed guide to buy & sell in PUSH is here.

Here we have got a video of the tutorial too.

In MXC Global Community Ally our fellow Community Founder Febri, Cryptoiz swapped huge profit (almost 5x ROI) by selling in PUSH before normal listing.

His statment “I got about 49504.95 JST Tokens worth $ 100 on May 6, 2020 trade in JST through the MXC PUSH feature was opened and when I saw the price of ANN was so astounding with almost 2000% more increase but I sold it with 5x ROI. Selling JST tokens on MXC PUSH is very easy, we just need to choose the seller with the price we want and choose the highest price for us to sell, then click the PUSH button and boom 521 USDT into my wallet”

Here we got a snaps of the day attached.

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On the day of listing, JST/USDT trading pair at 22:00 (UTC+8), May 7 JST fetch almost 20x (increase of 0.04 USDT (up x20)) later it comes down to a point but still 5x-6x constant ROI.

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