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Stealth plans to be the fastest cryptographically private digital currency possible. The goal is to provide almost instant transactions with absolute privacy protection using state of the art cryptography combined with streamlined blockchain execution.

James Stroud is the Co-Founder of Stealth, Career biochemist turned blockchain developer. Co-Founder, Managing Member, and Lead Developer for Stealth R&D LLC.

TOR Privacy

Stealth provides an end-to-end privacy solution by leveraging a mix of exclusive features including a seamless TOR network integration for private transactions plus blockchain and address obfuscation cryptography found only in Stealth. The TOR network has proven that it is secure from network analysis and is the standard for keeping your network traffic private.

Identity Protection

Anonymity is and will always be our top priority. Stealth is dedicated to keep your coins private by using advanced cryptographic protection features for your information. We’ll continue to innovate to remain the most advanced private currency on the internet.

Using a Fused Ledger to Improve Privacy, Speed and Throughput

Stealth qPoS fuses two different types of blockchain ledgers, each with different strengths, to take advantage of both. The first kind of ledger uses what are known as unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs), that can be thought of as digital traveler’s cheques. Although the reasons are highly technical, a UTXO ledger allows for the addition of cryptographic privacy, hiding both sender and receiver of every transaction on the blockchain.

Stealth RoadMaps!

  1. website
    January 2020 is being redesigned to serve as the project website, providing information pertaining to development, the team, updates and news. This new website is the first important step for the project and will introduce the all new look & feel for the Stealth brand; paving the way for all of our future releases.
  2. website (Testnet)
    Q1 2020

    The Junaeth StealthNode Monitor and Explorer.
    This exciting new site will replace our current block explorers (,, and and is the place to find live transactional data. Included in its functionalities will be the ability to search for transactions and monitor the blockchain in practically every conceivable way.
  3. Tor update (Testnet)
    Q1 2020

    One thing we are noticing in testnet is that some VPS services prove difficult for their clients to maintain Tor connections. Tor is an anonymous network routing protocol that serves as the backbone of Stealth’s peer-to-peer communications layer.
  4. Adjusting the money supply, both Testnet (Junaeth) and current mainnet
    Q1 2020

    Bitcoin has a money supply limit of 21 million coins, but this cap hinders bitcoin’s usability for small transactions. The combination of Junaeth’s five second blocks and zerocash’s absolute cryptographic privacy will enable Stealth to be a highly usable payment solution. This usability will include a convenient denomination such that the Stealth money supply will be split 100-fold. This split will avoid a situation similar to bitcoin’s where, for example, 100 USD represents a fraction of a coin (currently about 0.01 BTC) and users often find themselves counting zeros with a magnifying glass.
  5. Switch from OpenSSL to Bitcoin secp256k1 (Testnet)
    Q1 2020

    The Bitcoin secp256k1 is a highly optimized elliptic curve library that represents a significant performance improvement over the OpenSSL libraries currently used. The Bitcoin secp256k1 implementation makes for faster synchronization and bootstrap times and reduces computational overhead.
  6. StealthSend applications (Testnet)
    Mobile + Desktop Q1 2020 —
    A set of brand new and redesigned applications will incorporate Stealth’s new look and feel. These new apps will offer a greater ease of use, meeting the demands of modern payment applications.
    Our new Mobile and Desktop apps will also introduce SPV light wallets. The updated desktop wallet will enable users to buy and sell StealthNodes through a trustless on-chain marketplace.
  7. Zerocash protocol (Testnet)
    Q1 — Q2 2020

    Simply put, zerocash has the best combination of performance and resource usage for private transactions. Zerocash transactions are constructed using a cryptographic technique called zk-SNARKs. The overriding considerations arise from the properties of zk-SNARKs. zk-SNARK transactions are small compared to other privacy schemes like Monero. This is important because smaller transactions means that the blockchain will scale more efficiently. zk-SNARKs can be validated quickly, allowing validator nodes to process many more transactions, also important for scaling.
  8. Junaeth mainnet launch
    Q1 — Q2 2020

    Junaeth’s transition to mainnet is divided into 3 stages:
    1. Proof-of-stake where no aspect of Junaeth is active (master is updated to qpos-3.0, but purchases haven’t started). This traditional proof-of-stake period represents the current operational state of mainnet.
    2. Purchase period, where users can buy StealthNodes and manage them, but they don’t sign blocks. The purchase period represents a future hard fork.
    3. Transition to pure scheduled block production by StealthNodes (Junaeth is fully live), also a future hard fork, that occurs after the purchase period hard fork. Pure scheduled block production and traditional proof-of-stake are mutually exclusive, meaning that when Junaeth becomes operational, traditional proof-of-stake will permanently cease.
  9. StealthSend applications (Junaeth mainnet)
    Mobile + Desktop Q2 2020

    The applications will be updated with the new privacy features and will support XST (Stealth) and XSS (StealthSend), the interconvertible private and non-private coins.
    Q2 2020

    This new website will be centered around our applications and will be the place to download the Stealth applications of your choice. In contrast, is being designed to serve as the project website, serving information pertaining to development, the team, updates and news. In short is about the coin and development, whereas is all about the apps.
  11. New blockchain features
    Q3 +

    Implementation of:
    > blockchain oracles
    > sidechains
    > onchain governance
    > smart contracts

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