Terra Credit, Superior Alternative than Cash

Why everyone uses Terra-Credit :

  • This platform is user-friendly, rewarding & faster than other cryptocurrencies which make sure it keeps its name at the summit in the tread of crypto-currency. The funds are safe & can be accessed whenever required.
  • It’s easy to access, understand & operate. A person unequipped with technical knowledge will also be able to use this platform. Credit is supported on a device you already own.
  • People generate more money automatically if you have money present in Terra-Credit. Users can opt for long-term investment & getting a large amount of interest.
  • They have a wallet for Windows, Mac, Linux & Raspberry PI users. Users have the option to create a web wallet or a Terabit wallet. Anyone can start using it with an internet connection and Google account.

Stable, Secure & Sound Platform

The platform is highly stable & the value of crypto-currency remains stable therefore similar to any other precious metal. Credit is like a chain of digital signatures, transferring which is signed from owner to owner. Users receiving Credit as payment can verify the signatures to verify from whom they have got the payment. A trusted central authority is also there which keeps records of every transaction & can verify them for users.

Terra-Credit Goal

The unbanked segment comprises at least 2 billion adults, who use smartphones or lack the means to use a bank account. In consequence, a potential US$1 trillion ‘operates’ beyond the traditional global financial system. This all needs to be settled & users should be introduced to the finer financial system that can reward them too.


The user is highly benefitted by the platform & Terra-Credit harbours potential to replace the money in wallets & mobiles. It gives users a magical experience to handle the new financial system, which is a better alternative for them. 1,000,000+ users are already using Terra Credits to do daily transactions.



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