Two Prime Asset Allocation Details!

In our last medium post about Two Prime, we wrote a whole lot of things about Two Prime as in innovations, cause, & more. But in this medium post, we are going to talk about metrics. In recent, the COO of Two Prime, Alexander S. Blum, released an article on Two Prime medium with heading “In The Spirit of Open Source Finance, Two Prime Launches the FF1 Asset Allocation Dashboard” so yes, we are going to talk about metrics.

Following the medium post, there are details about the historical price action of the FF1 token, token performance, Sector allocation, top-performing Two Prime finance partners, tokens in circulation, and total token supply. & the FF1 asset allocation dashboard is going to be published in every quarter to ensure transparency. In the medium post, they also mentioned their vision for Two Prime asset classes “The Two Prime team has chosen to do this in the spirit of open source finance and professionalizing cryptocurrencies — both of which are at the core of our vision for the asset class.” Let’s take a look at the recently published FF1 Asset Allocation Dashboard.

Investment objective ~ Two Prime provides a global store of value with finite supply and growing demand. Proceeds of tokens sold, placed into treasury that is dedicated to the store of the value function. New tokens are sold into the supply on exchanges and through private sales only when real demand arises.

The FF1 token demand grown by 22.4% since inception & Two Prime has got more than 100+ partnership inquiries. According to Two Prime, it has 100 Million of supply & they only release the tokens when the demand rises, so we see positive numbers in demand.

For the crypto allocation, you can check the image below.

Also, in the price action graphic, we didn’t see that FF1 token value dropped in any par bellow the 3$, which is the listed price in starting days. But it has touched a 4$ price mark in multiple times.

Under the token information, Two Prime is approved by multiple countries jurisdiction named USA (via SPV), HongKong, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, & Europe. This confirms that Two Prime is going to expand in many other countries as well in the future. But the recent stats show it has more impact on Asian countries.

If we talk about the listing, the FF1 token is listed in Bithumb Global.

Also, the number of the total circulating supply of the FF1 token is 20,370,666 from 100,000,000.

Here is the link for the detailed PDF overview. But we created an infographic & covered all the information in it.

Here are few links about Two Prime ~

Official website:

FF1 on Bithumb Global:

FF1 on CoinMarketCap:

Two Prime on Twitter:

Whitepaper ~ Link




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Block Talks

BlockTalks is all about Blockchains & Crypto. We do discussions about new Blockchain projects, the innovations & such more.