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Video is present & leveraging the future of content. While many struggle to store the memories & fetch them on time, VID captures, edits and organizes your memories into 30-second videos. Even the best part you can earn from your memories. Vid has built a social video journal app, for the memories.

Vid MissionPioneering the evolution of human memory.

Vid VisionEternal human memory.

Vid Tagline For the memories.

Jag Singh is the co-founder & CEO of VID, who is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded VID 3 and a half years back. Prior to Vid, he founded ‘Lime’, a niche fuel company in the UK at the age of 23, which was successfully exited.

Vid has partnered with leading global Influencers. In total, they have an aggregate following of 375M. Vid has amazing growth hacking plannings like, All public Vidʼs created and shared externally to other social media platforms will contain a Vid watermark & more. Vid is working with futuristic Viral Loop to bring more virality.

Vid Highlights By BlockTalks

What is Variable Injected Tokens?

The Variable Injection (VI) is the intentional release of a qualified quantity of tokens. For the first time token usage = token supply, Vid will not need to burn tokens as every VI token in the ecosystem is injected intentionally. Tokens are injected with the sole purpose of encouraging user growth through aligning, incentivizing and rewarding all stakeholders (Creators, Users, Investors, Employees, Founders, etc.) by platform growth.

Use Case of $VI Tokens.

Advertiser credit: Advertisers buy VI on Vid’s platform with the aim of advertising to their target audience. The driving force for the Velocity of the VI Token will be the growth of users. The more users on Vid’s platform, the more advertisers looking to access VI, the greater the VI token ecosystem usage. The interesting aspect of VI tokenomics is VI only enter circulating supply as users join the platform. Note: Advertiser demand is directly correlated to user growth.

Vid Users/Creators: Users will earn VI for their activity on the platform (inviting users, views of their content and continuous creation of content).

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